Vacation Places in Texas

Places to See in Texas

There are a lot of reasons why traveling to Texas could be a fun and exciting trip. For first timers, visiting this place is quite different from the other places that one would truly be satisfied. Texas is filled with traditional cities with great culture and history and amazing art galleries that are truly worth your time.

Probably the best time to visit Texas is when there is festival being held. The weather in this place ranges from sunny to partly cloudy. This is the reason why there are thousands of tourists that are being attracted to this lone state. The population of Texas is very diverse and this is the reason why this state has some unique attractions. Charro days is the oldest fiesta in Texas. The celebration is full of parades, dancing, and a wide variety of fun events. There is also the big State Fair of Texas where you can find numerous amount of entertainment in one place. It is a vacation spot that you shouldn’t miss where there is a carnival, art competition and more. The places to see in Texas are endless. The weather and culture is so great. Any visitor will leave with a smile across his or her face after visiting Texas.


This is one of the central points found in Texas. This is part of history that is hard to forget. With this place comes the legend of the state. There are actually tourists that visit this place in order to find out more about the battle. Tourists can walk the grounds and witness the event that took place. You can actually see the names of the people who have fought the battle of the Alamo. You can find spots where you can pay respect to these men. This historic spot is a symbol of sacrifice for the country. Your visit to Texas will not be complete without experiencing this place.

The River walk in San Antonio

This is an attraction where in the city and nature was combined. After visiting the bustles of the city, you can find rest in the winding sidewalks of the River walk. You can find in here quite a number of favorite shops in the area. This place is also known as Paseo del Rio. Most people referred to this place as the "The American Venice". You can take romantic walks along its river banks. Its geographical landscape is filled with cobblestones. There are trees such as cypresses, oaks and willows. You can also find that the garden is filled with flowering ornamental plants. It is a rare jewel with exciting scenery.


It is an island found in the Gulf of Mexico. The main city of Texas is connected by a bridge. It is a city that offers many historical and cultural attractions, water sports and is a beautiful resort. If you love the nature, there is a Big Reef Nature Park where you can view birds and more.

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