Places to Visit in Charlotte

Places to Visit near Charlotte NC

Charlotte or popular known as Queen City is named after Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg. It is considered the center of Mecklenburg County. It was during her reign when this city was founded.

This is the largest city in North Carolina situated in between Baltimore and Jacksonville.

The people living in this city are often referred to as Charlottean. Today, the city is considered one of the best place to live in because of its employment opportunities and affordable housing.

If you are in Piedmont area, you will see the beautiful skyline of Charlotte that goes for several miles. During the night, you will see the glistening lights coming from the tall buildings. This city is growing to be the center of finance and banking. It is considered the second largest financial capital in the whole of United State.

This city is located at Mecklenburg County and geographically located just above the South Carolina border. Any traveler would be attracted by the city whether you want to do business, shop, dine and others. It is often visited by people from its neighboring city if they want to work or play. If you want to go to the Appalachian Mountains, then you could pass by this city as it is only a couple hours away from these famous mountain ranges.

Whatever your personality is, Charlotte got activities that you could choose from. The city is very much alive with entertainment and music concerts. There are also basketball games that you could watch. Part of the city’s entertainment is some comedy clubs and movie theaters. If you love to shop, there mall found in the area namely Eastland Mall, South Park Mall and the Carolina Place Mall.

There are a lot of festivals and events that are hosted by the city. One of its famous festivities is the Festival in the Park that happens in during the early fall. The freedom park is where this activity takes place. This event is suited for the whole family. This event showcases unique arts and craft. There are also food stalls and refreshment stalls through out the whole activity.

Charlotte is also the host of Great Grapes Wine & Music Festival. There are over 150 wines coming from North Carolina where visitors can sample. Aside from that there are also gourmet foods that are displayed in the said event. Residents and tourist will be treated by fireworks display and holiday parades.

If you love history, then Charlotte can definitely provide you with it. There are a lot of museums found in Charlotte that you can explore. One is the Discovery place located at downtown Charlotte. This has become a favorite place for children because of its hands on exhibits, theater, space station and a lot more. There are also some notable museum found in the Charlotte including Levine Museum, Mint Museum and Charlotte Museum of History

If your family loves outdoor fun, there are many parks in Charlotte that you could visit. It is a place where you can bike, hike and enjoy the nature. You can also fish and golf at Lake Norman.

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