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Boston travel guides, Massachusetts, USA

Boston is known for several names including the walking city and cradle of revolution. This city has a lot of things to offer to anyone who may want to explore it. In Boston, you could experience something old and new at the same time.

From old brownstones structures to tall newly built skyscrapers, this city is where the past and future collide.

There are beautiful churches and synagogues that you can visit as well. If you walk around Boston you can experience a little bit of every culture that will never fail to amaze you. There is a touch of European to it if you visit the Italian Northern End. The Chinatown in the city can offer you exotic delicacies and cuisine that can satisfy your palate. There are also fabric stores where you can find uniquely designed cloth. If you got a taste for high end fashion, the Newbury St will not disappoint you. If you want excitement and fun, you can go to the Fenway Park that got Irish pubs lined up in every corner. Ultimately the city of Boston can cater to anyone’s interest.

Even if Boston is a small city, it has quite a number of neighborhoods and each of them has something to offer to those who want to get a glimpse of an urban lifestyle. If you want to look for a good food that is worth your money then you can drop by at the north end. You will find here fine dining restaurants and some pizzerias that offer the best Italian menu. This place often celebrates numerous feast days. The celebration is filled with parades and programs the entire day.

If you are a first time visitor, the Quincy Market or Fanieul Hall is something that you cannot miss. It is usually the first in the itinerary of many tourists. The area has a number of stores and specialty shops. It also has a large space filled with food stalls. Any food that you could possibly think of is found in this market area. Outside is where you could find performers, dancers and singers that could give you entertainment. This is a popular place during summer time. This Fanieul Hall is situated right along the waters of Boston Harbor. Not only will you find shops but also restaurants and cafes as well. There are other things to do here besides shopping. You could watch the whales; take harbor cruises and sightsee some ferries boats.

The Newbury Street is considered the high street in Boston where you will find shops of famous brand names like chanel, Versace, Ralph Lauren and the like. What is good about this place is that it got something for everyone. Whether you got a budget or can splurge your money, you will surely find something for you. There are also book stores and coffee shops that are dotted along the area. If you want to relax and have a sip of wine, then you could go at sonsie, a popular restaurant because of its French doors that allows you to have the view of people passing by.

There is a student central in Boston that serves as a mark between the well known Boston University and Boston College. In the area, you will different restaurants offering international cuisine like Vietnamese, Thai, Mexican, Chinese and a lot more.


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