Vacation Places in California

Top Spots in California for Vacation

There are several vacation places in California that you shouldn’t fail to miss. It offers once in a lifetime experience can only be found here in the Golden state. The top spots include Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood and San Diego. There are a lot of offered by this city from shopping, adventure, and family fun.

Top Spots in California for Vacation

Situated in the West Coast, California is one of the best destinations for both locals and tourist. Also called as Gold Rush state, there are a lot mines here that attracted a lot of people from all parts of the world. There are quite a number of must see attractions that surely define California. Each has its own natural beauty and trademarks that are recognizable around the world. Some places are perfect for families that are traveling together. The central coast area is offering the best of both worlds from the beauty of the sea and coastal hills. There are also wine vineyards that you can explore. California is an ideal vacation place because of its landscapes and climate. Whether you want a city tour, beach, desert or mountain, you can find everything here.

Passing through the Golden Gate Bridge

This structure was constructed during the 1930’s that connect San Francisco to Marin County. Because of its towers and sweeping cables, it is one of the most beautiful bridges in the world. You can have a panoramic view of California while you are in the place. The bridge is about 2,737 meter long bridge and it is suspended 227 meter above the sea. Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers flow under the bridge.

Getting awestruck in Hollywood

This is the entertainment capital of the world found in the city of Los Angeles. It is famous for its vibrant night life, disco clubs, spas and fashion boutique. The place is a home to famous celebrities. You can also find in this place hub of movie studios like Universal and Paramount. This is also considered as a haven for those who love to shop. There are quite a number of boutiques that offers the latest fashion. If you love art galleries, there are some that are situated here.

Family fun in San Diego

The second largest city in California offers a lot of entertainment and adventure for the whole family. There are about 30 museums in the area if you want to get a cultural lesson of the city. Balboa park is visited by million of tourist every year because of its museums, sports complex. You can also find here diverse plants, animals, flowers and unique art treasures. This place is where the world famous regional theater is located that presents thousands of performances every year. If you want a fun filled destination then visit the San Diego Sea World. Other tourist attractions include Belmont Amusement Park, San Diego Zoo, San Diego Wild Animal Park, and Legoland.

Top Spots in California for Vacation

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