Best Places to Vacation in Florida

Top Places to see in Florida

The best places to vacation in Florida can be described to be fun and exciting. The top attractions to visit while in Florida aren’t just about beaches. There are some historic places that dot the whole area. Florida is divided with different areas that got its own unique attraction and worthwhile activities.

Florida is bounded with a lot of vacation opportunities from Florida Keys through Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Pensacola. It is a perfect place for experiences like water sports, diving, snorkeling and more. Fishing is a very popular activity. There are also marina where you can rent yacht, boat and charters. Kayaking is another famous activity especially if the waters are so clear. You can view abundant the abundant sea life while you are paddling. There are quite a number of kayak rental facilities and there are some that offer group outings. You can also try fishing from kayak. Moving to its coast are Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas. This is where you can find high energy nightclubs where famous celebrities hang out. Miami is filled with strong Latin experience with a rich Hispanic and Caribbean atmosphere,

Visiting the Historic St. Augustine

It is located in the northeast part of Florida. If you want to spend a leisurely or action pack weekend, St. Augustine is the place to be. There are many activities and attractions that you can find here that perfect for the families. This is a good place for couples who want to renew their relationship as they can ride horse drawn carriages or take a stroll at a picturesque street during the night. There are also night clubs that features live entertainment. It is so easy to get around downtown because there are trolleys that go around the area.

Walking around Jacksonville

This is a major city in Florida where St John's River runs through. It is perfect for shipping, fishing and leisurely activities. It is also a major center for banking, transportation and commercial transaction making it an ideal place to live. Downtown Jacksonville is a very beautiful place where you can find architectural structures. There is a bridge that is made from still especially when it is lit up at night. Jacksonville Landing is a premiere spot for dinning, shopping and entertainment. There is also a beach where you can spend a few days there. There is also a pier that draws visitors in this place.

Exploring Anna Maria Island

Anyone who has visited Anna Maria Island will tell you that it’s a great place to relax and get away. The island’s three cities would give access to beaches. There are also unique selection of shops, restaurants, and recreational opportunities. Visitors are attracted to Anna Maria Island because it makes them feel like it is a private island. This is definitely your island in the sun.

Best Places to Vacation in Florida

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