Denver Colorado Trip

Visiting Denver, Colorado

The capital city of Colorado, Denver is known for its activities and attractions that will definitely give you a memorable experience. You have the option of touring the city by walking or by bus.

Whatever you choose, donít miss that major tourist spots that the city can offer. Finding an accommodation in Denver is not a problem as it got numerous bed and breakfast facilities that you can select from.

Known to be the Mile High City, Denver is geographically situated in the mountain ranges of Colorado. If relaxation is your main goal then this is the perfect place for you. If you want to do some exploration then Denver is where you want to be as it can offer you exciting activities that will make your vacation a memorable experience. This capital city of Colorado is very large and populous one at that. Although it is considered a big city, the people of Colorado are friendly. It got a personal atmosphere that can’t be felt on other major cities.

If you are planning to visit Denver, accommodation is not a problem because you can choose from different bed and breakfast facilities scattered around the city. The bed and breakfast in Denver is known to be the best ones in the country. It is an alternative to a hotel offering the same beautiful and comfortable atmosphere. The bed and breakfast found in Denver are like mansions with posh interiors that offer big rooms and bathrooms. It is advisable that before you go to a bed and breakfast facility, make reservations first because they tend to get full house. What is good about these facilities is that some of them are located within walking distance to the attractions and sights of Denver.

There are a lot of activities that you could do in Denver. You could join guided tours and even ride hot air balloons. You haven’t visit Colorado unless you go to their ski resorts. Denver got its share of numerous ski resorts that are the best in the state. If you do your research right then you could find a bed and breakfast near the ski resorts so that you will get best of both worlds.  

Another notable thing about Denver is their professional sport teams. There are four major sport franchise found in Denver. If you love basketball, you have probably heard about the Nuggets. The football NFL got broncos, the MLB got the Rockies, and the hockey got the Colorado Avalanche. The PGA is also happening here once a year. So if you love sports, then Denver will not disappoint you as it the ultimate destination spot. There are sporting events happening all year round so there is always a chance to see your favorite teams.

Don’t miss some other attractions of Denver includes the Denver art museum, Denver zoo, Six Flags Elitch Gardens, Denver center for performing arts, Denver Aquarium and the Museum of Science and Nature. The city is truly becoming a cultural and art center.  

There are a lot of ways to tour the city. Aside from walk tours, there are also bus tours that can bring you to Larimer Square, Molly brown house, the capitol state building. The walk tours include a visit to civic center with garden, fountains and statues. If you love museum, Denver can over your several museum that includes the famous Colorado History Museum. Be sure to also visit the D&F tower, brown palace hotel and US mint.

To help you with your itinerary don’t forget to visit tourist information center and make your trip a memorable one.  

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