Places to Stay in Oahu

Where to Stay in Oahu

As the third largest Hawaiian island, Oahu offers countless of tourist attractions which range from beaches with sugar-like sands, to gardens and breath-taking landscape. In addition, the only real metropolitan area in Hawaii lies here in the island, making this place ideal for tourists who are looking for a bustling nightlife and the convenience of a city.

Oahu, which is the third largest Hawaiian island, is considered to be the most popular tourist destination in the place as it offers breath-taking view that resembles a tropical paradise while providing visitors the convenience of a real metropolitan city.

Because of being a populous place, the island’s capital city Honolulu has a bustling nightlife, several shopping centers, and business establishments. However, visitors who are looking for a serene, peaceful, and quiet island getaway may not experience such. This means that they should expect worse traffic jams and high cost of living.

Such downsides have been well-compensated by these remarkable places to stay in Oahu:

Picturesque beaches

Of course, as a tropical island, beaches are the main attractions of Oahu. One of these is the Kailua Beach Park, which is located near the air force station and Kaneohe Bay that has been considered as one of the best beaches for swimming and sun-bathing with its sugar-like sand, aside from being an ideal place for wind surfing and other water sports recreation.

Another notable beach is the Kahana Bay Beach Park which is located directly across Ahupua'a O Kahana state park. This beach has a cove that directly lies at the bottom of a mountain range, making its landscape breath-taking.

Because this beach cove is often overlooked by tourists, this is probably the best place for those who want to have a serene and relaxing vacation.

There is also a beach called Sunset which is the best place to see the sunset and sunrise, aside from being popular as a venue for several water sports competition as it provides the best surfing spots. In addition, its coastline is the longest white sand beach in the island, stretching almost 2 miles.

Other famous sites in the tropical paradise

Waimea Valley Audubon Center is a botanical garden that is home to countless of endemic plants and other floras found in different parts of the world. In addition, this place has been attracting visitors with its hiking trails that lead to Waihi Falls where they can swim and have a picnic around the area.

Another must-see place is the historic town of Haleiwa where there are several rustic buildings which date back from hundreds of years ago.


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