Chicago, IL Travel Guide

Free Chicago Travel Guide

Chicago is a city found in the state of Illinois that is filled with history and culture. It is a place waiting to be explored. The Chicago harbor that passes through the city adds to its charm.

The city of Chicago is gifted with various landscapes that have great urban setting with a lot of activities that is suited for everyone. Read this Chicago travel guide to learn more about the city.

It got cornfields in its South and ski resorts in the North. No matter what part of Chicago you are visiting, you can be assured that it got something that would cater to your interest. If you plan to visit Chicago, here are the places from our travel guide that need to be part of your trip itinerary.

  • The Oak Park is one of the places that you should visit when you are in Chicago. It is a historical residential neighborhood that contains unique structures that includes 25 building and houses. All were built by Frank Lloyd Wright with his signature prairie style. This is considered his largest collection that is found in one place.
  • The Sears Tower got the reputation of being the tallest building in the whole of United States. It was built in 1973 as an office building. It got 110 floors that can give you the best view of Chicago.
  • If you are looking for an accommodation, then try Cheney House Bed & Breakfast. The house was designed by the famous Frank Lloyd Wright. It got intricate designs and furnishings. This can make your stay in Chicago more memorable.
  • The Lincoln Park is one of the most notable places to go if you are in Chicago. It is a place where you can find some attractions, monuments and even beaches. It is the largest park that could be found in the city. Visit the Lincoln Park Zoo where you could find exotic and farm animals. This is perfect if you brought along the children. A conservatory is also found within the ground of the park.
  • Formerly an amusement park, the navy pier is now the place where you could find the children’s museum. You could also find here the Smith museum of stained glass windows and the Chicago Shakespeare Theater. There are also other attractions that can keep you entertained the whole day.
  • If you want to see amazing collections of books and other things, you visit the Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum. There is also a 3D theater called Star rider where you can have a space journey.
  • If you love to shop then visit the Magnificent Mile. This is located in Michigan Avenue where there are shops and stores that can meet your budget and anything that you might want to have.
  • If you love sea creatures then you might want to visit the John G. Shedd Aquarium. It is the largest indoor pavilion in the world where you can view dolphins, sea otters, penguins, seals and whales.
  • The Chicago History Museum is a place where you could learn about the history of the whole city including the great fire that happened.


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