Vacation in Columbus

Vacationing in Columbus, Ohio

The city of Columbus is the capital of Ohio and considered the main seat of Franklin County. This city is located in the center of the state of Ohio. It is situated at the intersection of the two rivers namely Scioto and Olentangy.

Columbus is considered to be a metropolitan city. It was named after Christopher Columbus, the famous explorer.

What makes this city unique is the fact that it comprises of a number of ethnic neighborhoods. One of which is the German village that got beautiful homes with brick pavements shaded by elm trees. If you want to try a German meal then visit Juergen’s. This village is considered one of the jewels of Ohio because of its architectural treasures.

If you want to go shopping Columbus certainly can cater to your desires. If you love paintings and art, you could go to the Short north area where you could find art galleries that can suit your taste and budget. There are also antique shops found in the area where you can find furniture and jewelries. For clothes and fashion fanatics, you could find Polaris Fashion Place. It is an enclosed mall filled with known stores. The Easton Town Center is another shopping center in the city where you could find several stores and shops and chain store. If you are on a budget, try Emperor's Newest Clothes in Grandview where you could find trendy items. The Arlington Avenue is where you could find upscale boutiques that sell clothes, shoes and accessories. When it comes to food, there are grocery chain stores all over the city. You could also find an open market selling fresh seafood and vegetables.

Aside from shopping, Columbus offers numerous museums that you could explore. There are also art museums where you could take a look of paintings and other collections. You could add in your itinerary Center Of Science and Industry, Columbus Museum of Art, Kelton house museum and garden, Ohio Railway Museum and a lot more.

There are also many festivities happening in Ohio every year each representing cultures and lifestyle. Some of these events include Asian Festival, Columbus Arts Festival, Festival Latino, Irish festivals, Ohio state fair, Rose festival, tomato festival among others.

There are many other attractions that you could find in Greater Columbus that can provide fun for everyone. The Arena District is the latest growing hotspot and the home of entertainment and sports. This is a place where you can watch a football game, eat dinner and catch a late movie afterwards. Never miss the Short North Arts District in downtown Columbus. This district is where you could find galleries and a lot of eateries.

Another thing that you shouldn’t miss is the popular Columbus zoo and aquarium. It receives over a million of visitors in a year. The zoo showcases wildlife, habitats, garden and a lot of recreational facilities. The newly opened Asia quest exhibit and the Zoombezi bay water park are the two must see stops if you are in Columbus.

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