Breakfast Places in Chicago

Places to eat Breakfast in Chicago

Chicago is known for so many things; the incredible beaches, the shopping, the fabulous dining, the action packed nightlife and of course the many resorts that dot the landscape. There are also breakfast places that you can go for great food. There are notable top restaurants in the area that could fill your senses.

Chicago or often called as the Windy city got a style and pace on its own. Its past defines its present day set up. The Great Fire in 1871 made people rebuilt the city from old structures to a modern design and decorative elements. This city has emerged to be a leading cultural and historical center. You can also find some educational institutions as well as iconic institutions like the Art Institute of Chicago and Oriental Theatre. For first time tourists, you will be enriched with different sports and know more about the Bears, Bulls, Cubs, and White Sox. You can also find other attractions like Historic Navy Pier and Brookfield Zoo. Aside from these mentioned, Chicago is also known for its great breakfast restaurants.

Ann Sather

This restaurant offers both traditional Swedish and American menu. This place is also known for its famous rolls made from cinnamon that are so delicious. Their Swedish pancakes can be described as thin and full of flavor. Take note that this place often gets crowded during breakfast especially on weekends. If possible grab a seat in the front room which is the best place in the house.

Bongo Room

This is a coffee house that is full of hip and colorful décor. It is perfect place if you want a breakfast that is filled with energy. The dishes being served have creative twist to it such as hotcakes, pancakes and more. Try also their mouth watering dishes like breakfast burrito and flavorful hashbrowns. During weekends, they offer great brunch menu.


It is best if you actually make reservations prior to visiting this place. It is a local gem that is filled with beams, k walls, and lots of loyal customers. Their most common guests are business people or those coming from nearby hotels. This eatery is famous for their homemade breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. For them breakfast is considered to be an affair that is serious. Their menu ranges from pancakes with different syrups and omelets with choice of fillings. Don’t miss their vegetable hash.

Lou Mitchell’s

This place has been pleasing a lot of guest since 1923. It is offering the best breakfast at its best. You can be served with hot and indulgent meals that can warm the stomach. Their breakfast menu is extensive and you can choose from a lot of dishes. There are meals that are brought to the table steaming in skillet. The recommended options are
fried eggs, homemade Greek toast, hash browns, waffles and more.

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