Romantic Places in Boston

Attractions for Couples in Boston

What are the must-see sights in Boston? For first-time visitors or others who have only spent a short stay in Boston, there are a lot of places that is ideal especially for couples who want to have the best time of their life. Boston will never run out of attractions that can surely give great memories to couples.

Boston is the capital of Massachusetts and is known for its history. There are key events that paved way to what it has become today including Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party. Its legacy has attracted visitors each year like Freedom Trail to see historic sites and colonial structures like Boston Common, Park Street Church and the Paul Revere House. There are dozen museums to explore and wealth of historical sites. This is also the home of world class educational system renowned throughout the world. It is also a sports town with professional teams red sox and Celtics. Aside from these notable assets, this is also a perfect backdrop for honeymooners or couples who want to spend more time with each other.

Beacon Hill Boston

This is probably one of the best romantic spots for couples. It is where you can find South Slope, a North Slope and a Flat of the Hill. Charles Street is a famous one to stroll with your loved one where you can find antique shops and good restaurants. Don’t forget to bring your camera when you go to Acorn Street. It is the most photographed street in America. You can also find places of interest in this area including Boston Common, the Park Street Church and Nichols House Museum. There is also a natural park within the area.

Public Garden

This place is where you can walk hand and hand while seeing the nature. It was established in 1837 and considered as the first public botanical garden in the country. It also features plant material chosen for ornamental excellence as well as its botanical diversity. It is a flowering place situated right in the heart of the city. Your visit to Boston wouldn’t be complete without a stroll in the Garden. The place is under the care of Boston Parks and Recreation Department in cooperation with the Friends of the Public Garden. Planning to bring the kids, then they can enjoy the swan boats ride.

North End Boston

It is one of the city's earliest neighborhoods that were founded in 17th century. This is where you can Boston's Italian district. It is where you can find wonderful restaurants and cafes. Visit the Paul Revere Mall and take in the famous statue that dates back to 1885. It is best to visit July and August where you can find outdoor festivals where you can taste the neighborhood. Make sure to visit the St. Stephen's Church with a tower that overlooks the area.

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