Places to Visit in Cambria

Tourist Spots in Cambria

Cambria is a famous tourist destination. It appeals tourists from all over the world for fascinating tours with lots of attractions like historical monuments, forts & palaces, heritage monuments, nature sites, exotic wildlife and more. There are several places to see, visit, and explore in Cambria that is definitely worth your time.

Cambria is a small seaside village found in California. You would definitely enjoy its lovely scenery. Actually there are a lot of things to do in this small town found in central coast. It is more than relaxing and enjoying sunsets. Cambria has no commercial draw except that it’s a gate going to the east coast. You can also find some notable attractions in the said place. There are also few accommodations around the town. This place is divided into villages – the east and the west. Around Cambria, you can find several art galleries and Victorian architecture are all over the place. You can find bountiful of boutique shops and restaurants that you can enjoy. Tourists can go around the two villages riding a free trolley.

Moonstone Beach, Cambria

This is one of the most sought after attractions in Cambria. It is a gorgeous stretch of coastline where you can see waves crashing its rocks. You can also spot sea lions basking in the sun. You can also find moonstones in the area that is why the place is called such. Visitors can actually walk to its path or run along the coastline. There are a lot of pines and cypress trees around the area. There are stairs that can lead you to the paths of the beach. You can take books and spend it reading in the place. You can also relax while taking in the scenery of Moonstone Beach.

Leffingwell Landing Day

This is a good picnic area that overlooks the beautiful Moonstone Beach. In this place is where you can find facilities such as tables, drinking water fountains, grill stands and restrooms. This little park is near the Hearst Castle Visitors Center. The biggest draw for tourists is its spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean. There are also other things that you can enjoy in the popular Leffingwell Landing. Recreational activities include watching, fishing, skin diving, scuba diving, boating and kayaking. You can also do tide pool viewing, beachcombing, kite flying and good hiking.

Seekers Glass Gallery

It is a place where you can find the finest and most extensive collections of contemporary American studio glass art. This place displays more than 250 American glass artists. These people include emerging talents, internationally renowned masters and local artists. You can obtain the finest work of art from this gallery.

Moonstone Drive

This is a gorgeous street along the moonstone beach. You can find in here stylish lodging and inns where you can have the gorgeous views of the beach.

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