Things to do in Halifax

Halifax Vacation Trip Information

For those who want to have an exciting vacation trip which is different from a typical summer getaway, Halifax may be the best destination with its several local festivities, historical landmarks, beautiful parks, harbors lined with historic buildings, a number of museums and art galleries, and shopping areas.

Halifax, a beautiful seaport city in Nova Scotia, is not just rich in history but also in natural beauty, tradition, and cultureómaking this a haven for tourists who want to have an exciting vacation different from a typical holiday break from a tropical island.

Enjoy a pleasant walk in beautiful parks

There are several beautiful parks in the city, one of this is the Point Pleasant Park which offers the best view of sunset and sunrise at the backdrop of Atlantic Ocean. In this park, visitors can see a well-preserved military fortification and other ruins which date back during the 1700s.

Another park which should not be missed is the York Redoubt which has preserved its historic fortresses. Visitors can also explore other things within the park including caves, cliffs, tunnels, and a wharf.

Enjoy a local festival

While the city celebrates several festivities every year, the one thing which stands out is the Busker Festival which is celebrated every August. During this festivity, there are countless of street dancers and performers, music artists, and kiosks that sell local delicacies and souvenirs.

Halifax has other local festivals including Tall Ships Festival, The Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo, and Nova Scotia International Air Show.

Explore the harbor by kayaking

The best way to explore this seaport city is by kayaking; and the best place to start is in the Northwest Arm where tourists can see the historic Dingle Tower in Flemming Park and several mansions that lined the harbor.

Along the harbor, visitors can also see the ships and seaside restaurants, shops, and historic buildings.

Shop around

For shopaholics who want to have a different shopping experience, one of the best places to visit is the Farmer’s Market which lies in Lower Water Street and has been considered to be the oldest running farmer’s market in the North America.

This market, a maze of passageways and underground halls, has stalls and shops that offer local foods, artwork, clothing, plants, and souvenir items.

Another must-see shopper’s haven is the Spring Garden Rd. (located between Robie and Barrington) which is the city’s main shopping district that offers unique stores.

Visit the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

For art lovers, this famous art gallery showcases the masterpieces of well-known local painters, sculptors, and other artists.

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