Breakfast Places in Toronto

Where to Eat in Toronto

If you are thinking about having a delicious breakfast, then Toronto is a place where you should go. Take a pick from various selections of breakfast menus that range from pancakes, omelets, sandwich and other exciting dishes. Visiting Toronto will not be complete without visiting top restaurants that serve breakfast.

Toronto is an ideal destination all year round. The population is very diverse and considered a multi cultural city. With different influences coming from several minorities, it is not surprising that its culture and way of life is truly different. You can find galleries, opera houses, theater companies and more. There are also quite a number of festivals celebrated throughout the year. Its natural beauty also captured the eyes of film makers and celebrities. Sports are also a major thing in Toronto as it is a home of teams like the Blue Jays and Raptors. If you love to eat, then you will be happy with the city as it contains thousands of restaurants ranging from gourmet store, food shops and market. If you want to eat breakfast and start your day right, Toronto is a place to be in during this time of the day.

Bonjour Brioche Bakery Cafe

If you want to feel true Canadian hospitality, then this is a friendly place that you want to be in. It has a great choice if you want a good breakfast or early lunch. You can choose from having pastries, bread and banquettes with butter. Be early during the weekends because there are a lot that go to this place during this time.


This is a popular food chain in the country. One look and you will know the reason why. This place has a very colorful and fun atmosphere that can perk up anyone. Every meal is served with mountain of fresh fruits. Stay for lunch as they offer different dishes from sandwiches, roast turkey and salads. You can surely find comfort food in this place.

Fox Bistro

This 70 seat restaurant is popular and well known for traditional continental menus. You can actually find eggs, sausage and other traditional breakfast meal in one pace. They also serve lunch and dinner.


This place is quite known with the locals who want to start the morning with no fuss breakfast. You can actually select from the traditional breakfast that range from eggs, toasts, coffee, omelet and more.

Hot House Cafe

This establishment is found in the downtown Toronto. During Sunday, they serve buffet that includes breakfast delights and other exciting meals. You can find good dessert table with delicious salad bar. You can also find a live jazz band that is so much fun to miss. The menu is a place filled with creativity and signature dish that is a must try.

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