Places to go in Montreal, Canada

What to see in Montreal, Canada

Montreal, a city beaming with life and beauty, has maintained its European flair and quaint beauty which can be seen from its historical buildings and grand architecture. Meanwhile, the city has been attracting thousands of tourists every year with its captivating cityscape, art and cultural centers, beautiful parks, and musical festivities.

A city in North America which has maintained its European flair, Montreal has been widely visited by tourists for its breathtaking cityscape, historic landmarks, cultural centers, museums, and countless of attractions.

Meanwhile, these are the top 10 reasons why people should visit this beautiful city:

Montreal International Jazz Festival

During the months of June and July, more than 2 million people visit the city to watch one of the biggest jazz festivals in the world with more than 2,000 performing artists and 500 concerts.

Mount Royal

Mount Royal is the highest peak in the city and gives the best view of the place. Meanwhile, this small mountain also has a park that is perfect for a quiet and relaxing stroll with its wide green space and a lovely lake.

During summer, the park hosts “Tam Tam Jam” which is an event where artists perform play hand drums which are called tam-tams in French.

Fashion District

Saint-Denis Street and Saint-Laurent Boulevards are considered to be the fashion district of Montreal where visitors can shop from hundreds of luxurious boutiques. Aside from these, the fashion district also has numerous gourmet restaurants and unique shops.

Casino de Montreal

Considered to be the gambler’s haven, Montreal Casino attracts people not just because of its gambling tables and slot machines but also with its remarkable adult fun and entertainment.

The Underground City

The Underground City, which is a sheltered complex, covers about 12 kilometers of the city’s downtown and offers hundreds of restaurants, boutiques, museums, and unique shops.

Montreal Holocaust Museum

After the Nazi Regime, the city has become the home of thousands of Jewish who survived the Holocaust.

To know the plight of these people during the Nazi Regime, the best place to visit is the Montreal Holocaust Museum that shows the stories of the Jewish through rare personal objects.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

This museum showcases more than 30,000 works of art including paintings, drawings, sculpture, and photographs.

Montreal Biodome

This is a science center and ecological zoo that shows the four basic ecosystems: Polar Worlds of the Arctic and Antartic; Tropical Forest; Laurentian Forest; and Marine Ecosystem.

Jean-Talon Market

For those who are looking for unique shops and want to experience the true atmosphere of a Montreal Market, the best place to visit is the Jean-Talon Market which has also been popular for its gourmand eateries and souvenir shops.

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