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Edmonton Tourist Sites, Alberta

The province of Alberta has a lot of things to offer including the major city called Edmonton. This city has a very rich history that goes back to 19th century. Until today, the city still remembers the Klondike days where its still attracts tourist to see parades and other entertainment shows.

Aside from history, Edmonton got a lot of attractions that will definitely make you become close to nature.

Nowadays people are looking for a vacation that is simply out of this world to make their money worth it. The northern part of Canada maybe the answer the extraordinary vacation you are thinking about. This is a perfect breakaway for you and your family. The city of Edmonton is about three hour drive from Calgary and Canadian Rocky mountains which are two most exciting place in Canada. The city of Edmonton can give you enough reasons why you might want to visit it and keep coming back for more. This history of this city goes back as early as 19th century. It was during the Klondike Gold Rush. The gold diggers are on their way back to the Yukon where they will seek and find fortune.

Edmonton today is considered as a modern city with a great number of people living in it. It has the economy that relies on the production of oil. The sand region found in Alberta that is filled with oil is just in the north of the city. The Klondike Rush and Gold fever is considered important to the city’s history and culture.

Your visit in Edmonton will not be complete without you attending the Klondike Festival that simply a gateway to the Wild West. This festival is certainly the biggest events that draw tourist and immigrants from different parts of the country. When people go to Yukon, they passed by Edmonton to rest at local hotels before going to mines. The Gallery of Canadian history is where you can find more about the history of Edmonton. This museum found in downtown Edmonton is recommended if you want to know more about Klondike days.

You shouldn’t miss the Klondike days festivals which happens in Edmonton once a year. It is a most celebrate event happening in the city where it has parades, casinos, concert, live entertainment and raft race. Aside from this exciting festival, there are a lot more things to explore in the city of Edmonton. If you love to shop, then you might want to explore the huge West Edmonton Mall. This place offers more than a shopping haven because it is a different world in itself. It has a dolphin show and an indoor water park. Accommodation is not a problem at all because the place has a built in hotel.  

Geographically, Edmonton is situated right beside the North Saskatchewan River. This body of water goes from the Saskatchewan glacier to the center of Saskatchewan. The valley park system of North Saskatchewan River is considered that largest city park found in the country. This park system covers both side of the river that passes through the city of Edmonton. It you want to go to river rafting, boats tours and bike ride then this is where you should go as you can see the beautiful scene of the river.

Jasper is one of the towns found in Edmonton if you want to escape in the mountain. This is where you can see the untouched nature of Banff. This is definitely worth a day’s trip. Edmonton is certainly a place for the family. It has an unforgettable history, fun filled attractions and most of all a good mountain life.

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