Visiting Halifax, Nova Scotia

Places to Visit in Halifax

Welcome to the virtual fair city of Halifax which has a tragic connection to the Titanic disaster! Stay a while and enjoy the quiet seaside scenic locations for a wonderful vacation!

If you’re a beach person, then Halifax is the place for you!

Stunning beaches with over 400 km of scenic white sanded beaches and a picturesque coast line, as well as having the honor of one of the largest natural harbors, Halifax is one of the best places to enjoy a beach vacation. Almost all life in Halifax revolves around the ocean but there are several attractions you can enjoy too like,

  • Halifax Citadel National Historic Site was finished by the year1856.According to history its one of the four forts which is supposed to be around the harbor since the year 1749 and protect it. The architecture is of 19th-century and has its own moat and ditch protection, battlements, shooting gallery, powder arsenals and as well as signal towers. A nice place to wander about late in the afternoon.
  • Alexander Keith’s Nova Scotia Brewery is a place where you can take a great actual or virtual tour. It’s been around since the year 1863 and several actors dressed in period costumes will be taking you around the Brewery to give you a better idea of what is there to see.
  • A few more local attractions you should see include the Peggy’s Cove which ahs a really beautiful lighthouse established in1868. All around the lighthouse is a picturesque artisan village with its own artisan centers.
  • The Halifax Public Gardens are a beautiful garden established in Victorian style and times and it persists in the center of the city to date.
  • Fisherman’s Cove where you can see the local fishermen show off the catch of the day and take a ferry to the close by McNab’s Island.
  • Memory Lane Heritage Village has several shrines to survivors of different shipwrecks of the coast off Halifax.
  • Art Gallery of Nova Scotia was established in the year 1908, and is famous for having quite a few modern and contemporary artists showing off their work in the gallery. Check the listings for artists who will be showing their work.
  • Maritime Museum of the Atlantic is one of the largest of the museums in Canada dealing with sea relics. You will get relics, imagery, graphs and tactics as concerned to the marine history of Nova Scotia.
  • Halifax has also the dubious honor of being of the major ports of which the TITANIC sank. Three ferries were responsible for the grim task of retrieving adn burying the victims. Quite a few local cemeteries have the victims buried with no names and the same date, April 15, 1912.


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