Places in Kitchener to See

Tourist Places in Kitchener, Ontario

Kitchener is located in the south west of Canada. This is a place to seek out if you want something new. If you are a person who loves excitement and fun then this city is the place to be.

Visit bingemans, Waterloo Region Children’s Museum, Aud and among others that can give you an idea when it comes to what this place have to offer.

Kitchener is a city found in the southwest of Ontario, Canada. It is a place where business and education is the number one priority. It is a destination for entrepreneurs, families, couples and even individuals who want something new and bored with the attractions found downtown. It is considered a change of ambiance if you are a first time visitor of Kitchener. Anyone would not be disappointed with this city.

Life in Kitchener is definitely exciting and fun. You will get to feel the liveliness that is not found in other place. One is the place called bingemans. It is a big piece of land that got a hundred plus campsites that is scattered along the river. It is a big campsite and playground for families and individuals who loves nature. There are also log cabins where you could rent for the night when you don’t want sleeping on sleeping on the ground.

If you want to buy something fresh and you are looking for local finds, then you might want to visit the Kitchener market that will definitely put a smile in your face. If you brought along the kids with you, visiting the Waterloo Region Children’s Museum will definitely make them happy as they can stimulate their senses and open their eyes to art and technology. Don’t miss the Aud. It is a place where you can watch sports and entertainment. This place has hosted several events relating to sports.

Are you the type of person who wants to have a quiet time? Then take a walk and see the two museums found in Kitchener. The Doon Heritage Crossroads is where you can find miniature village depicting the lifestyle of its people. The other one is the Joseph Schneider Haus. This is miniature community dating back in the year 1850. If you are looking for a breathtaking scene then why not seek the picturesque trail that surrounds the Grand River.

You may also want to hear the Kitchener-Waterloo symphony that could serve as your inspiration. You could also visit the K-W Art Gallery and K-W Little Theatre that clearly showcases talent found locally and internationally. If you want to try out skiing, then you might want to visit the Chicopee Ski Club that clearly can satisfy anyone whether you are just a beginner or an expert skier. This resort got qualified instructors and good skiing runs. So if you are looking for snow experience then try this out. Another resort is Moose Winooski where it is known to have the best kind of steaks.

Christkindl Market is an event that mainly dedicated to the people of German. This festival is full of German culture and live entertainment that only last for just four days. Aside from this place you could also visit the sports world where you cannot be bored with what they can offer like mini golf courses, video arcade, go kart track and others. This is certainly a destination for families where they can stay there the whole day.

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