Calgary City Tour - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Places to Visit in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The city of Calgary is considered the largest one in Alberta, one of the many provinces found in Canada. Aside from its notable size, it is also of the city with a large population.

Calgary is known to be a winter sports hub because it has numerous mountains with world class resorts perfect for holiday getaway. Last 1988, it has played the host of winter Olympic Games that made the whole world see the beauty of the city.

Calgary City Tour

Geographically, Calgary is located at the bottom of the Rocky Mountains. There are two rivers flowing across the whole city. The bow river which flows from the west to the south while the elbow river flows south to the north. Calgary is considered a dry city because of its low amount of snow and rainfall.

Calgary Commercial History

One of the major boosters of Calgary’s economy is its petroleum. Aside from oil, its agriculture and tourism is the two other major contributor of their economy. There are a lot of big companies whose head office is located in this city. When you visit downtown Calgary, you will see a lot of tall buildings and one of which is the Calgary tower which is considered the symbol of the whole city.

Places to Visit in Calgary

Over the years, Calgary has evolved to be a major broad-based city but it still hold on to some of its tradition. This city is considered a cultural melting pot. You could find here Chinatowns and places that resemble Italy. If you visit Calgary, you might want to check out the Fish Creek Provincial Park which is the largest urban park in the country. If you love architectural structure, then Calgary will surely be a treat for you. It got the most extensive skyway network.

Calgary is also a place that holds numerous annual festivities like Music Festival, Lilac Festival and Carifest. The most famous one is the Calgary Stampede that is held every July. This is an agricultural fair with rodeo experience. This whole event goes back years ago and known to be the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. This stampede is something that locals look forward to. It showcases musical act from around the world. There are also chuck wagon races and stage show at night. There also a lot of cowboy displays to take a look into. This is considered as a best family event in the whole Calgary.

If you are planning to visit Calgary include Glenbow Museum, Calgary Zoo, Heritage Park Historical Village, Calaway Spacefort, and Fort Calgary. The Glenbow Museum is considered one of the largest museums in Canada that holds over a million of artifacts and works of art. The Heritage Park Historical Village can take you back to the olden days as it lets you experience the history of Canada. The spacefort is a place to visit if you want to learn about science and the space. Take time to go to Fort Calgary as you can witness and discover the pioneers of the city.

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