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Visiting Hamilton, Ontario

If you are planning to visit the city of Hamilton, Ontario then you’ve to read this neat article detailing all the best sights and sounds of this attractive city.

Hamilton is one of the biggest and best steel producing cities in the country but it does have its own attractions with several sights and recreation spots.

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about Hamilton, Ontario!

The city is located just one hour from major locations like Toronto, Niagara Falls and Buffalo N.Y. With this ease of travel you can never get bored of Hamilton, you can just hop over to big cities like cosmopolitan Toronto or one of the seven natural wonders of the world found in Niagara Falls. Moreover, Hamilton is located about 60 minutes from the US border and Buffalo, NY, and it’s an hour by flight from New York City.

You can take any major flight or drive down the scenic route to visit the city for a historic and attractive vacation. You can take in quite a few of the attractions like the African Safari where to see lions up close; or visit the Marine Discovery Centre or even the local architectural wonders for a great time sight seeing in the city. One of the best sights no one should miss is the famous Hamilton Farmers Market which was established in the year 1837 and flourishes still.

For the naturalists, you can try the gardens of Hamilton which are really attractive as like as Lake Ontario, which has quite scenic scenery. Take a sailboat for a sail on the harbor and take a look at the Skyway Bridge to Toronto. The harbor is truly interesting as it’s happens to be part of a major port. Hamilton Harbor has two major physical attractions which mark the physical limits of the city like majestic Skyway Bridge to Toronto as well as the Niagara Escarpment which runs through the entire city cutting it into two halves called as 'upper' and 'lower' parts. There are several waterfalls which run on the escarpments and are worth looking at. The escarpment can be measured as much as 330 feet vertically and is truly a sight to see. There are several activities you can purse even in the winter season like cross-country ski for simple skiers as well as sledding slopes for beginners and children. Trails for hiking, sail boating, skiing, as well as speed boats on the bay with over two-dozen golf courses are just a few of the attractions of the Hamilton. Along with the historic locations you can also see the industrial areas of Hamilton as its a favorite movie location for scouts who want a grittier locality for filming.


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