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Prince Edward Island Activities

For tourists who want to have a different vacation experience, Prince Edward Island is the best place to visit as it offers sandy beaches with warm water, scenic roads, cycling and motorcycle trails around the island, historical buildings and mansions, and beautiful parks including the National Park which is the perfect place for winter sports activities.

Prince Edward Island has been well-known for its sandy beaches, beautiful parks and nature reserve, culture and art centers, old buildings and mansions, winter sports activities, and tourists destinations that attracts people from all over the world.

As the country’s only island province, this beautiful place offers activities and breath-taking views such as:

Golden Beaches

With miles of sandy beaches that glimmer during sunrise and sunset, Prince Edward Island is the perfect romantic getaway for couples who want to enjoy a paradise-like view where seagulls fly and the warm water ebbs incessantly.

Meanwhile, there are several hotels and accommodations around the beaches that provide high-class services. However, for those who are in a tight budget, there are camps located near the beaches which allow travellers with recreational vehicles and motor homes to park and have a seafront picnic.

Fun Winter Activities

The island is not only the perfect summer getaway with its golden beaches but also a great place for winter sports enthusiasts as it offers mountain slopes and trails perfect for snowmobiling, skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating.

In addition, the best destinations for doing winter sports activities are the National Park where visitors can enjoy various trail systems and the Brookvale Alpine hill which is ideal for skiers.

Breath-taking Views

At least 50 lighthouses dotted the island, some of which are open to the public during summer and almost all are accessible by car. In addition, some of these structures date back hundreds of years ago, thus highlighting the quaint beauty of the island.

Another must-see tourist spot is the Hillsborough River which is one of the most important waterway systems in Canada due to its historical past. Meanwhile, this river has also been attracting visitors with its well-preserved wildlife, different species of birds, and breath-taking views.

And lastly, tourists, especially those travelling in a motorcycle, should not miss the island’s red clay roads (also called as Heritage Roads) which include John Joe, County Line, Klondyke, and Jack’s Road, all of which are a great motorcycle trail that offers breath-taking views.

Cycling Trails

The island also offers several cycling trails that allow visitors to travel around the province and see its natural beauty. One of the best routes is the Confederation Trail where cyclists can have a glimpse of the rich and historical past of Prince Edward Island.

Other ideal cycling paths are the North Cape Coastal Drive, Points East Coastal Drive, and Blue Heron.

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