Things to See in Munich Germany

Interesting Places to Visit in Munich

Are you wondering what interesting things to see in Munich, Germany? We will help you decide what places to visit in the beautiful 800 year-old city of Munich, Germany. Munich is the Bavarian region’s capital city. It is found on the northern part of the Bavarian Alps and is bordered by the river Isar. It is Germany’s third biggest city following Berlin and Hamburg and got its name from the Benedictine monks who founded the city.

Marienplatz is one of the things you can see in Munich, Germany. It is a plaza located at the center of the city which you can use as a starting point if you want to explore the numerous beautiful and old buildings that surround the plaza. Inside the Marienplatz you can see the Mariensäule with the beautiful statue of the Virgin Mary on top. You can also see both the Old Town Hall of Munich as well as the new one in the square.

Owing to the fact that the city was established by monks, there are a number of cathedrals and churches in Munich, one of which is the Cathedral of Our Blessed Lady (Frauenkirche) a Gothic cathedral from the 15th century. If you find yourself getting lost, you can user the Cathedral’s two towers as your point of reference. Lose yourself in time as you go around the city’s old structures.

If you are curious about Germany’s darker part of history, check out the Dachau Concentration Camp. It is one of the earliest concentration camps in Germany during the Nazi era and is where the subsequent concentration camps were modeled. An interesting activity that you could participate in here, is the “path of the prisoner”, where you get to follow the same procession made by the prisoners as they were forcibly incarcerated in the camps. You would see all the original structures used to house the prisoners and get to feel how it was living there during the war.

Another interesting thing to see in Munich, Germany is the Residence Palace. It is palace where the Bavarian monarchs used to reside. Construction first started in the 14th century; the palace is adorned with a mix of pieces from different eras from the Renaissance, to the Baroque, the Rococo up to the Neo-classical period. Today the Residence is a museum that gives testimony to the grandeur of the past German royals. Tired of roaming around the 130-room Residence, try to relax in the English Garden adjacent to the palace. The park is comparatively bigger than the New York Central Park where you can try a variety of activities that include paddling a boat to taking long leisurely walks along the woods.

Part of the things to see in Munich, Germany is the most renowned beer hall in the whole planet, the Hofbräuhaus. Built in the 16th century, the hall still has its ancient tables where graffiti from long ago can still read on the wooden tables where people drank their beer since the start. Along with the 1-liter servings of the beer, you can also enjoy native delicacies while listening to the bands that regularly play there.
There are a lot of things that you can see when visiting Munich, you can still check out the Viktualienmarkt, an outdoor market where you can buy local produce. Munich is also a proud home to various galleries that houses centuries-old collection from some of the world’s most popular artists. A thing of interest too, is the Deutches Museum, located on an island in the middle of the river Isar, and houses a collection of scientific, technological and historical artifacts.

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