Sightseeing in Hamburg Germany

Best Places to Visit in Hamburg Germany

Going sightseeing in Hamburg, Germany but don’t know where to go and how to go about it? Let us help you find a pleasurable and enjoyable way to enjoy your Hamburg visit. Hamburg is the second biggest city in Germany. It is located along the banks of the river Elbe and as such had been a major port city, and enjoys its prosperity from being so, throughout its history.

Sightseeing in Hamburg, Germany should involve a walk back in time, the city having been established in 810 by the Emperor Charlemagne. The city’s weather is moderately rainy and breezy owing to winds from the North Sea so before embarking on your sightseeing tour, check the current weather in the city. The best time to tour is during the spring when all the beautiful trees are in bloom and the weather is warm enough to roam around in.

Start your sightseeing in Hamburg, Germany by visiting parks and gardens scattered all over the city. That alone should keep you occupied as the city has more a thousand of them, giving Hamburg the moniker “Germany’s Green City”. You can gaze and marvel at the centuries-old buildings built in the Baroque style and others Renaissance amidst the new ones built around it. The city is comparable to Venice in Italy because it also has an extensive canal system and along these canals are some of the city’s high end retail stores.

Your sightseeing tour should include the most popular church, the St. Michael’s Church, a building that has been damaged a number of times throughout its history. The church tower is considered as one the city’s most familiar sights. Another popular area to visit is the Hamburg Harbor, Germany’s largest port and Europe’s fourth largest. Here you can take boat tours or just take a leisurely walk. If you seek the beauty of nature, make your way to the Planten un Blumen where you can gaze at the garden’s collection of various trees, flowers and plants. Marvel at the beautiful Japanese garden here. You also cannot miss visiting one of Hamburg’s historic buildings built in the neo-Renaissance style from the late 19th century. It houses five huge paintings depicting Hamburg’s history from the 8th century.

While sightseeing in Hamburg, Germany, getting around is not a big problem because of the city’s extensive and highly efficient public transportation system. The U-Bahn or the subway system is connected to the S-Bahn or the suburban train lines so you can get around wherever you want without any problems. It is also the quickest way to travel around the city. You can also take the buses to travel around as well as taxis, which are said to be less expensive compared to fares in other cities in the country. Be sure to purchase a Hamburg Card which will give you a day of unlimited access to all kinds of public transportation in the city. This card is especially important because aside from the fare, it also can be used to get discounted admission for other tourist activities such as a visit to the museum, tours around the city and cruises on the city’s lakes.

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