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It is important to know some information about Canterbury located in England. You will be impressed on the things it has to offer especially those visitors who love to explore something new. Every year a lot of tourists are visiting this area for unwinding and relaxation. There are quite a number of accommodations that could cater anyone.

Canterbury UK

Canterbury is of the county in England. It is a cathedral city which is located in the South East of England. Canterbury also serves as the seat of the Archbishop which is the Primate of the England. The entity is also treated the head of the Church of England. The area has also become a center for attraction and tourism for a number of people from all around the world. Every year people come to the location. With ancient buildings and beautiful nature, everyone wishes to visit the town, once arrived in the state of England. The city has a comparatively larger population those other counties. The total population of Canterbury is approximately 42,500. Due to beautiful environment and healthy nature, the death rate in the region is not that much as compare to the birth rate. Therefore, the overall population of the area is increasing with a very suitable and calm pace.

Railway Stations

There are two railway stations in the town as well which worth mentioning. People who come to the location always visit these railway stations. These railway stations are named as Canterbury East and the Canterbury West. The services of the railway stations are operated by southeastern. Canterbury East has a stop as well for the trains running from London Victoria to Dova. The east Kent is served by a number of bus services. People often uses these bus services for moving on short or long distances.

Restaurants and Cafes

The city of Canterbury serves as a number of restaurants and cafes which are the major sources of attraction for tourists and travelers. Though the town is comparatively smaller in size, but you can still find a number of varieties in dishes and drinks. Domestic as well as international dishes are served with great respect and esteem for foreigners and visitors.

Pubs, Bars and Hotels

No matter how long you want to stay in Canterbury, you will be supplied with a great comfort and ease in everything you confront. People of the region meet and talk with great hospitality and gives a close and friendly experience. Cheap as well as expensive hotels can be found very easily. Depending on your budget and time of stay, you can stay in more than one hotel.

Shopping Centers

In addition to a number of restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars and hotels, there are a number of shopping centers in this small region as well which worth mentioning. These shopping centers must be visited in detail and each of them should be visited by the visitor. They offer some really nice and awesome products which you can buy for yourself or for your loved ones.


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