Places to Visit in the Isle of Wright

Isle of Wright Top Attractions

Although small in size, there are attractions being offered by Isle of Wright. It is situated at the far South of Great Britain, sandwiched between France and the UK and is just 3 miles from Portsmouth’s coast. There are quite a number of attractions found in this place that can surely satisfy any travelers who wants to have a unique adventure and holiday fun.

For only a few miles in area, Isle of Wright got plenty of attractions for its visitors. It has about sixty attractions and tons of things to do no matter what the season is. From fun parks, amusement park, sanctuaries, carnivals to festivals that can surely delight any adventure seekers of any age. The Isle of Wright is where you will find evidence of the past that goes back to the pre historic time. Villas, castles, historic houses and exhibits reflects the life of the years that gone by. No visit to this place is complete without seeing the Osborne House. Little ones would surely love pre historic time when they can view fossils and life sized dinosaur relic. There are museums where you can find items recovered from shipwrecks. For people who want to relax anytime of the year, this is a perfect place to have a relaxing break. The stunning scenery and wealth of attractions can’t be missed.

Mottison Manor

This was built in the 16th century. It was once covered with tons of sands but were excavated and restored. If you want to take a stroll and feel the nature, then this spot can give you just that. The terraced garden is surrounded by fruit trees.

Carisbrooke Castle

This is run by English Heritage where you can view the whole Carisbrooke and its surrounding area. It is a great place to spend the day where you can do a lot of things. There is a museum found within the castle. You can explore medieval walls and castle walls to explore. King Charles I was imprisoned here and tried to escape. There is a walkway around the castle if you want to tour the whole area.

Amazon World Zoo Park

This is where you can find large collection of tropical birds, animals and insects. It is best to wear something soft and loose when visiting this place. There is a good falcon display and it has a Jurassic theme adventure park.

Black Chine Fantasy Park

It is the first holiday attraction of Great Britain. It is surrounded by natural beauty that makes it a unique fantasy park. This is a spot for young children where they can spend half day in the area.

Fort Victoria

This old fort is where you can find several exhibits like the big aquarium. You can see a good view from its top. It is adjacent to a small beach where there are picnic tables and chairs.

Isle of Wright Top Attractions

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