Places to See and Stay in Salisbury

What to do in Salisbury, England

While England has several interesting cities to visit, Salisbury is one of the top choices because it has breath-taking landscape in addition to several ancient buildings and ruins. Stonehenge is probably the main tourist attraction of the city, but there are also other interesting places to visit including the old cathedrals and specialized shops.

What to do in Salisbury, England

Salisbury lies in the picturesque landscape of Wiltshire, England and has been named as a “cathedral city” with its historic places of worships including the Salisbury Church that was built during the medieval period.

However, the city is more popular with its proximity with the Stonehenge site which is a Neolithic ruins that has captivated the interest of archeologists and scientists who are still debating the primary purpose of the slabs of stones arranged in an intricate manner.

Another interesting place to visit is the Old Sarum which is located on a hilltop north of the city. According to historians, this place used to be the site of an ancient civilization which dates back 3,000 BC.

Places to Stay for Tourists

A visit to Salisbury will not be complete without going to its famous pubs including “The Chapel” which is located along the Milford Street and considered to be the largest in the city. However, there are also numerous pubs along the Fisherton Street which are usually crowded with people during weekends.

Aside from several pubs, there are also numerous restaurants, most of which offer Indian and Chinese foods. In addition, there are also several bistros across the Market Square and along New Street.

Meanwhile, the good thing about the city is that visitors can enjoy quaint accommodations while enjoying modern amenities. For example, one of the most popular hotels in the area is the Salisbury Youth Hostel which is a 200-year-old building located in a secluded ground.

Another notable accommodation is the Sarum College which is a few steps away from a medieval church. This hotel offers affordable accommodation for those with limited budget; but for those who want to stay in a luxurious room, the hotel can offer this including a breath-taking view of the cathedral.

For shoppers, there are two shopping centers in the city: The Crosskeys and the Old George Mall. However, the Salisbury Market is probably the most interesting place to buy goods as it has hundreds of stalls and shops, some of which offer home-made and local products.

But a visit to Salisbury will not be complete without going to the city museum where visitors can see its rich history and diverse culture from its wide collection of ceramics, pictures, and other relics.

Places to See and Stay in Salisbury

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