Places to Eat in Whitby

Top Restaurants in Whitby

Whitby, which is a town on the north coast of Yorkshire, England, is a place known for its beautiful coasts and breathtaking landscape. However, a visit to this town is not complete without trying at least one of the restaurants there that offer seafood dishes (most of which are mouthwatering crustaceans), stews, and of course, the national food called fish and chips.

Whitby is a town on the north coast of Yorkshire, England which is famous for its picturesque landscape and seaside landmarks. However, a visit from this town is not complete without going to its restaurants that serve mouth-watering dishes.

Places to Eat in Whitby

Cross Butts Stable Restaurants

This restaurant, which offers modern British cuisine, provides a wide array of dishes that consist of seasonal, fresh, and locally-grown ingredients. Some of the most popular dishes in this establishment include roasted meat, ale pie, and steak. And aside from its good food, the place also has a wide selection of wines, beers, and ales.

In addition, the restaurant has several furnished rooms with wooden floors and oak beams. And to make this place more romantic, there are windows that will give visitors a nice view of the Esk Valley.

Cross Butts is located along Guisborough Road in Whitby.

Café Glas

This bistro is famous for its seafood cuisine including fish stew, salmons, crabs, mussels, squids, claims, and scallops. Aside from these dishes, the restaurant is located in Glaisdale’s one of the most stunning places where visitors can the have a view of a picturesque landscape.


This restaurant, located along 7 Pier Road, is popular for its fish and chips since the 1960s. And with its seaside view, this place has become one of the most famous iconic places in Whitby.

Meanwhile, the establishment is family-oriented as it also offers dishes specifically for children. However, it does not mean that adult visitors will not enjoy themselves since the restaurant also offers a cocktail bar and music.

Magpie Café

This café offers a wide selection of high-quality wines which mostly come from European countries. And by partnering these wines to prawns and a variety of seafood dishes, green salad, desserts, roasted meats, steaks, and stews, diners can enjoy a hearty meal.

Estbek House

This restaurant, which is located in a popular seaside village of Sandsend, has been attracting visitors with its delicious seafood dishes and breathtaking view of the seaside.

These are some of the most popular dishes in the restaurant: roasted lamb with potato, grilled fish, and crab and shrimp ravioli. In addition, the place offers a wide selection of wines which come from different parts of the world.


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