Things to See and Do in Scotland

Top 10 Things to see in Scotland

Visiting Scotland is your target destination for a vacation but you are wondering of what things to see and do in Scotland? Let us show you the best places to visit in Scotland as well as the things to see and do in this beautiful place that will make your vacation a worthwhile experience.

Best Things to see in Scotland

The Kingdom of Scotland is one of the beautiful places to visit in Europe, aside from its rich historical background. This wonderful country has many things to see and do and will make your trip and vacation a remarkable one. If you fond of sports like mountain biking, fishing, golf, and other adventurous sports, then Scotland is the best place for you to visit. The highlands has lots to offer for sightseeing and the panoramic view while island hopping is truly a different level of experience that you will never forget in your whole life. You can visit castles and other interesting places which will leave a mark to your memory as a great remembrance. You may also have the chance to see the legendary “Loch Ness Monster” in Loch Ness or explore the wilds and the Highlands for more adventures. Furthermore, let us explore those places so you can have an idea of what is waiting for you in Scotland.

The Best Places in Scotland and other Main Attractions

Edinburgh is the main capital of Scotland and it is known as one of the largest financial center in the region. The city offers a lot of main attractions and interesting places that are worth visiting for. The Auld Reekie Tours will take you to the gruesome past of the city, if you are brave enough to hear the horrific stories of the old Edinburgh therefore the tour guides will bring you to the haunted places like the Nicol Edwards pub and torture museum. Other interesting activities include Cadies and the Witchery Tours as well as the well-known Leith Walks.

From Edinburgh, you can do an island hopping to the prominent “Isle of Skye” where a distinctive level of adventure is waiting for you in the enchanting island. Here in the isle you will witness the captivating beauty of the Highlands and do some scenic drive to experience the life in the wilderness.

Other main attractions and activities in Scotland are castle visits and whale watching. The Keiss Castle is one of the distinguished castles in the region where it will be found on the edge of a cliff in Wick, Caithness. In Dervaig, you will have the chance to see amazing whales, dolphins and sharks in your whale watching trip. Nature tripping is best in places like the Beinn Eighe Nature Reserve and the Knockan Crog Nature Reserve. And don’t forget to include in your list of places to visit in Scotland is “The Falkirk Wheel”, the first and only rotating boat lift in the world.

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