Things to Do In Minnesota in the Summer

Summer Activities in Minnesota

There are several things which you can do in Minnesota, whether it is indoor or outdoor, urban or country. You will only have to select from all these available fun activities. In all of these activities, the best things for you to do are those in which you will also have to learn many things. That way, when you get back home, you will have something to tell and teach with your family as well as friends.

Having fun while you are learning will be an easy task for you if you are going to stay or at least have a vacation in Minnesota during the summer. This is because there are several places available for you to increase your knowledge about some things such as the North House Folk School, Milan Village, Split Rock Arts Program, and International Wolf Center.

Learn Craftsmanship

If you are one of those who enjoy creating beautiful things just by the use of their hands, or at least interested of arts, North House Folk School is the best choice for you. This place is located along the majestic Lake Superior Harbor in Grand Marais. It can be easily found since it is a cluster of five buildings that are colorful. This school’s endeavor is nonprofit and is based on the public folk schools that are traditional. They offer great array of course programs as well as workshops which are focused mainly on crafts of northern cultures, from Inuit until Scandinavian cultures. More specifically, there workshops include birding, canoe building, basketry, fly casting, jewelry, furniture building, knitting, sailing, woodcarving, photography, and a lot more. But the most interesting about this school is that it is situated in a scenic village where you will feel like you are in a fantasy island.

Learn Fun Arts

If you want to learn arts in a fun way, then you will just have to go to the Milan Village. This small hamlet has Norwegian roots and is near Minnesota River. In this is where you will find the Milan Village Arts School which is modeled after the traditional Scandinavians Schools. Its population only reaches up to 300 but it is a home for many amazing artists. Classes of this school are held in a cozy country schoolhouse which is renovated. They offer workshops such as woodcarving, photography, painting, calligraphy, silversmithing, and loads more.

Learn Visual Arts and Wolf Behavior

If you are in to visual arts and creative writing, the most appropriate for you to go is the Split Rock Arts Program. They offer not only education but fun vacation experience as well. There are lodging places such as cabins and great foods in the dining hall of the school. On the other hand, if you are curious with wolf behaviors, then the place for you to go is the International Wolf Center. It is in Ely which is located in between the boundary of wilderness of lakes and woods.

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