Places To Go In Louisiana

Things to Do In Louisiana

Visiting the wonderful places in Louisiana can be a bit difficult since there are so many tourist attractions located in it. You will notice that once you search online about the hot spots to visit in Louisiana, you will be overwhelmed with the number of results that you are going to get. Thus, choosing which place to go can be tricky.

If you are planning to visit Louisiana but you cannot decide where to go because of the several beautiful sites in it, you will just have to review what your main reason is in going there.


Camping is the most common reasons of tourists in going to Louisiana since it has several parks as well as resorts. Some of the most visited outdoor camping sites in this area are the Pavilion Park, French Quarter RV Resort, Nakatosh Campground, and the River View RV Park and Resort. All of these campgrounds offer great amenities such as Wi-Fi Internet Access, swimming pool outdoor, shower facilities, Laundromats for the guests, and a recreation area like children’s playground and game room. The parking sites for RV’s in these Louisiana camping grounds are excellent as well. They offer a lot of services as well as facilities to their guest in order to satisfy their needs. The common features of the parking sites of these camping grounds are the availability of electricity, water and sewage hookups, and cable television. Some even allows tent camping in their area.

Haunted Places

If you are a paranormal addict, Louisiana is the best choice for your paranormal activities. More specifically, it is in Shreveport Louisiana where you can find several haunted places. The so-called Logan Mansion is one of the most famous haunted places in the city. Its exact location is 725 Austin place. There are several reported sightings in this area. It roots back in 1908 when a girl fell from one of the windows of the mansion. Since then, rumors spread that the girl haunts the place. One of those who alleged such sightings are the crew of a radio station who occupied the said mansion. Paranormal Investigators who conducted a research in the place also affirmed that there are paranormal happenings within the mansion. There are other haunted places in this city. However, there are some which is a private property. So before ghost haunting, check first if the property is a public one or not.

Places Ideal for Marriage

On the other hand, if you want to have a marriage in Louisiana custom and style then you will have several options. Louisiana has many heart-captivating types of scenery which is very ideal to marriage ceremonies. Picturesque country cottages, historic plantations, and cultural spots can host your reception as well as ceremony. There are also local professionals who can arrange for your guest travel, accommodations, and all the particulars of wedding preparations. Among the most popular wedding places in Louisiana are the Southern Oaks Plantation, New Orleans Museum of Art, and Louisiana Castle.

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