The Friendliest Country to Visit: Ireland

Touring the Friendliest Country, Ireland

Ireland is not just a place where people can see captivating and breath-taking views. According to a survey, this country is the friendliest place in the world as tourist and travelers voted for Ireland as the most welcoming place on the face of the planet, with hospitable people ready to greet the visitors.

In 2008, Ireland has been voted as the friendliest country in the world as this place is beaming with hospitable and welcoming people who greet travelers and tourist with warmth.

Lonely Planet conducted the survey of the friendliest countries in the world. Ireland was voted in the number one position, an impressive result considering that the country also experienced hard times during the past.

Meanwhile, the Lonely Planet’s survey also revealed surprising result as travelers and tourist voted US which landed on the second place as the friendliest country. (This result appears to be extremely surprising as many people from abroad have a bad impression towards Americans.)

These are the other countries which are included in the friendliest place on earth (this is not arranged on respective order): Malawi, Thailand, Vietnam, Fiji, Indonesia, Scotland, and Samoa.

One interesting to note is that Irish have experienced hard times during the past, but despite this, they remain resilient and optimistic. Some experts said that after people have experienced hardships in the past such as great famines, conquest, political instability, volatile economy, social turmoil, they became resilient and developed welcoming attitude towards foreigners.

Most tourist and travelers also noticed the impeccable sense of humor of Irish people. This attitude is probably the result of many hardships in the people’s past, as they realized that having a positive attitude and hospitable character is the best way to deal with all the problems ahead.

Despite that Irish people have been considered to be the friendliest citizens, there is an interesting survey made by a research firm IMS in 2005 which revealed that eight out of ten Irish want their government to restrict the influx of foreigners living in the country.

IMS also revealed that nearly 80 percent of the respondents believe that it is better for children nowadays to live in a multicultural society, which is a quite contradiction of the widespread sentiments regarding foreigners seeking residency in Ireland.

Meanwhile, the research firm also said that three out of ten respondents said that they don’t want their children to marry a foreigner. In addition to this contradicting attitude of Irish, here are some of the findings made by IMS: more than half of the respondents believe it is good to have non-nationals in their neighborhood, but still, more than 40 percent said they will re-evaluate their decision to move to a community where the majority of residences are foreigners.

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Name: Salwa

I have been to Ireland twice and I must say it's a very lovely place.

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