Taipei Places of Interest

Top Spots in Taipei to see

Taipei is one of the fascinating cities in South East Asia region. This is not only the center of education, politics, economy and culture but you can also find quite a number of attractions. Each reveals something that is related to the history of the city. After visiting some of them, purchase some souvenirs to serve as a remembrance.

Taipei is found in the center of Taiwan province right beside the Danshui River. It is the center for politics, education, culture and economic. Four hundred years ago, it was nothing but marshland and thick forests but today it is the biggest city of country. After dethroning Dutch colonies, migrants of the Fuijan province set up villages and this is the start of urban development. Taipei becomes a government seat to control Taiwan. The city is also considered center of tourism where you can find quite a number of attractions. You can find places of historic interests and scenic beauty. Some attractions play huge role in shaping the city. If you visit Taipei, you can take home many products to serve as a souvenir.

Taipei 101

This is the grandiose building found in the financial business center of Taipei. It is more than 1671 feet high that was designed to resemble temple of pagoda and become a famous tourist attraction. It will only take a few minutes to reach its top because of its fast elevators. The view from its deck is spectacular. Its ground floor is filled with shops and restaurants.

Shilin Night Marker

This is the biggest and best night market found in Taiwan. This is not just for shopping but for cultural experience as well. This shouldn’t be missed by anyone visiting the town. When the sun sets, the lights turn on. There are thousands of stalls selling everything that you can think of from clothes, pets and more. This is a perfect place to buy souvenirs. In addition to shopping, there are other things that you can do like play games and eat. There is wide variety of tempting treats that would satisfy your stomach. You can find cuisines from all parts of the world and they beckon delicious aromas

National Palace Museum

Those who want a touch of Chinese culture should visit this place. You will be awed by its collection of artifacts and artworks from ancient times. The collection came from the Forbidden City found in Beijing because of the Chinese civil war. It houses some of famous exhibits like Jade Cabbage and Qingming scroll.

Longshan Temples

Taipei has a lot of temples but this one is dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy. This is actually one of the most popular and excellent example of this kind of architecture. Built in 1738 for Chinese people to worship, it was destroy by earthquake, fire and war. People rebuilt it all the time.

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