The Best Place to Live Outside the US

What are the Nicest Places to Live Outside the America

Zurich, Switzerland is the best place to live in according to research firm Mercer Consulting. As this city boasts the highest standard of living, best education, low unemployment rate, low crime rates, free media, and breath-taking views, this place was voted as the number one choice among metropolitans from all over the world.

Some people are considering to live outside the US, thinking that they might find a haven where the standard of living is better, more peaceful, and the economy is more stable.

While it is hard to recommend the best place—as the “best” is often subjective—there are ways to determine if a country is an excellent choice to live in.

For those who want to live in a major city, Zurich, Switzerland is one of the best choices among renowned metropolitans, according to research firm Mercer Consulting. While some Americans would still choose Paris and London, these two major cities were not included in the survey’s top choices as the standard of living here is expensive.

There are many reasons why Zurich was in top position as the most-popular choice for people. The first reason is that the city has the highest quality of life in the world as the economy remains strong. Meanwhile, the city is also a good place for business owners as there are many offshore banking which allows them to deposit their money in the safest way possible that even governments can not chase them or freeze their bank accounts. Another reason why Zurich is the number one choice to live in is that the city is a living work of art. There are many museums, theatre opera houses, breath-taking architectural buildings, and medieval castles.

In terms of nightlife, the city is beaming with life when the night falls that its Street Parade has become famous all over the world. This event takes place every August and has been considered as the biggest techno parade in the world that it attracts hundreds of thousands of party-goers. Meanwhile, the city also boasts clubs, gourmet restaurants, lounges, bars where night denizens can party all night long. And for those who would like to have some wild escapade in the city, there is also a red light district where sex shops are flourishing.

For those who still want to remain in the US but don’t know which state is the best place to live in, they can choose Honolulu, Hawaii as this place ranks as the 28th most popular choice for people to live in, according to a survey conducted by Mercer Consulting firm in 2008. This tropical paradise boasts breath-taking views and has been considered as one of the cities which have the best quality of life.

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