Are Airplanes Scary

Do Airplanes Scare You

Encapsulating sceneries, great crew members, wonderful co- passengers might add to the excitement of your journey but some people find it scary to travel in airplane. Well, there are a number of factors behind such experience but most of them are avoidable.

People have their own personal experiences about flying in airplanes but putting a common formula for everyone and synthesizing the result, make it crystal clear that travelling in airplanes are worth to be remembered for a lifetime if some common tic-tac-toe are handled soothingly which would otherwise make the mind tangling over the matters in the whole journey.

One of the best ways to concentrate your mind in a plane is to listen to the instructions given by the cabin crew which tell us ways and ideas to act in case of emergencies. Commonly some videos are also accompanied to show how to fasten your seatbelt or use any portable devices in the airplanes. Listening and adhering to the rules described by the captain sometimes really helps a lot in case of emergencies. It would seem a bit strange for you but gradually it would find yourself up in the air in a few seconds. The first thing you notice is that your ears “pop” as the plane soars high up in the altitude. But it is a common phenomenon and science has enough tough reasons to back up for such an experience. All you have to do is to manage the air pressures by chewing gum, yawning, taking a deep breath in through the mouth, drinking something which would alleviate the air pressure in the ears.

You should always be engaged in one way or the other to keep yourself entertained so that certain process like sound of engines may not bother you. Reading a book, magazine, and newspaper might engage you for quite a long time. Do not forget to carry your favorite music player, iPod MP3 player or CD player as listening to music is one of the most favorite pastimes. Last but not least of speaking to people near you and this may lead to some interesting stories that you will remember for a lifetime and believe it was really a good way to keep your nerves down.

In the case of turbulence do not panic. Keep in mind that it was written in one of the most advanced invention of humanity where safety is the first priority and these machines can withstand this turbulence. Take a deep breath and watch the attitudes of the fellow passengers.

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