Things to Ask When You See an Alien

Witty Questions You May Ask

The fact that the possibility of living creatures from other planets is very high, it may be important for you to prepare things to ask when you see an alien in case that it might visit the earth and has been well-prepared to answer some witty questions you may ask. Anyway, there is nothing wrong if you will entertain such thoughts to happen.

Living from this place is still in the stage of Jurassic park when compared to earthís There are billions of planets, stars, and other terrestrial bodies from outer space.

With this fact, scientists and experts said that there is a great possibility that there are other creatures living from other planets besides earth. In addition to this, there are some scientists who believe that one moon from Jupiter is teeming with life, adding that creatures period.

With the high possibility that there are other creatures living from other planets, it may appear important to come up with witty questions that you may ask to aliens in case they are true and brave enough to visit the earth. Anyway, there is nothing wrong if you will be prepared in case that the aliens are gracious enough to entertain any questions from a human being.

Probably, one of the most important things you may ask to aliens is if they believe in god. The reason for this is to know if god or the belief of a higher being is universal or is it innately human. Another important thing to ask is about how the alien society works, is it puritanical that one minor mistake is punishable by death? Or is it something like utopian that everything is perfect? Or is it tyrannical that the whole society follows with passive obedience a single leader? With the ongoing energy crisis, it would also be a good idea to ask aliens their source of electricity and perhaps humans may learn something valuable such as technologies for renewable energy. It would also be a great thing to ask about their technologies so that you may know if they have a more advance society compared to humans, and in case that they are well ahead of us, at least the aliens can share things which can improve our technologies and make it more efficient and advance.

These are some witty questions you might consider to ask to an alien visitor: Does Scientology makes sense to you, since this religion (with Tom Cruise one of its popular members) says that the aliens put the human race on earth? How do you define beautiful? Is there a female and male gender for aliens, and if so, how do you copulate? Why are you here, are you going to take me to your planet to make me the ambassador of the earth?

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