Places to Visit in Bavaria

Where to Go in Bavaria

Are you thinking of places to visit in Bavaria? We have a few suggestions that can help you explore and enjoy this German region. Bavaria is the biggest state in Germany. It is one of Germany’s biggest crowd-drawers which include Berlin and Rheinland. This state has a lot in common culturally speaking, with the people of the neighboring country Austria.

The places to visit in Bavaria are distributed among the state’s cities distributed within the state’s five regions. Top place to visit is Bavaria’s capital, Munich, where you can have your fill of beautiful architecture as well as majestic gardens. Munich is famous for its castles and residences of Bavarian monarchs of old. Museums devoted to different themes can also be found in Munich. However, Munich is most popular because of its annual beer festival, the Oktoberfest.

Another place to visit in Bavaria is the city of Augsburg, a quaint city that dates back to the medieval times. The city is famous for Zwetschgendatschi, its locally known plum cake. The city also boasts to be the location of the house of the writer Bertolt Brecht. Like other German towns, you can also find a beer plaza anywhere in the city.

Bayreuth City in Oberfranken is another place to visit in Bavaria. The city dates back to the middle ages and is quite popular because of the Richard Wagner Festival, dedicated to the famous composer. Bamberg, also found in Oberfranken is worth paying a visit to because of its beauty and of the fact that it has been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site due to its beautifully preserved architectural structures. The city is host to the festival Sandkerwa, which promotes traditional practices. Take a walk around the city and look for its notable features like the Altes Rathaus, the city hall which was built in the middle of a bridge and the Dom where the unidentified Bamberg Rider sculpture is located.

Erlangen is a University town, where the Friedrich-Alexander University is situated along with the German engineering company Siemens. Most of the people residing here are either students of the university or workers of the company. Notable features are museums and theaters as well as events that are celebrated throughout the year.

Nuremberg should be part of your list of places to places to visit in Bavaria. One of Germany’s largest cities, next to Munich, Nuremberg is located along the river Pegnitz and Danube. The river Pegnitz divides the city into two, the Sebalder Altstadt located on the northern side and the Lorenzer Altstadt located on the southern side. The city boasts of a lot of old architectural structures that date back to the 13th century. However, the city is equally popular for its gingerbread and Christmas market, the Christkindlesmarkt, open during the Christmas season.

If you still got time to spare, then do not miss visiting other Bavarian cities, such as Fuerth, which is adjacent to Nuremberg and boasts of architectural structures unharmed during the war. It is the hometown of noted personalities like Levi Strauss and Henry Kissinger. Regensburg is one of the oldest cities in German and also worth paying a visit to. It was established in 179 AD and is filled with old and historical buildings from the past. Lastly, Wuersburg is home to the Residence, a place where princes used reside. It also has one of Germany’s oldest churches. Although often ignored, the city has a lot of beautiful sceneries to offer.

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