Romantic Places in Virginia

Honeymoon Spots in Virginia

Virginia is a state that is filled with attractions both for couples and family alike. If you want to have a weekend with your loved one, this state is the best place to be. There are quite a number of romantic places in Virginia. Definitely this state can be described as romantic and elegant that is surely perfect for couples.

Virginia is one of the best destinations if you want to spend a romantic weekend. Being romantic is not just about chocolates, wine and love songs. Your environment should also play an essential role in making everything so perfect. The romantic places in Virginia would give you a chance to explore the charm of the place. There are quite a number of perfect spots in Virginia. In choosing the right place for you and partner, it is a good idea to know your likes and dislikes as a couple. If you love to the outdoors then choose something that would make you feel close to nature. Attractions in Virginia include Alexandria’s Old Town and George Washington’s Mount Vernon that you would surely enjoy with your loved one.

Walk Hand in Hand through Virginia Wine Country

There are quite a number of vineyards all over Virginia. If you love vintage wines then you can have the ultimate experience in one of the wineries in the area. Make the scenic panorama a perfect backdrop of getting to know each other. You will surely enjoy the wine tasting activity.

Go Back to History in Alexandria

This area is not only historic but also considered to be a romantic place. This is situated in the heart of the city and offers the ideal spot for people in love. You can also find shops around the area.

Visit the Nation’s Capital

Your visit to Virginia will not be complete without touring Washington DC. You would surely love everything about DC including its historical aspects. This is also where you can find good restaurants to have a romantic dinner.

Historic Richmond

Although this place is for everyone, couples would surely enjoy their visit in this place. James River is one of the most popular spot for romance. The beautiful falls is a perfect backdrop for a date. Richmond is a combination of historic and modern.

More than just Politics in Capitol Hill

If you are in Washington DC, don’t forget to drop by the capitol hill. This place is more than just the government center because it is filled with restaurants and stores. You can also book in one of their charming hotels.

Enjoying the Outdoors in Smith Mountain Lake

This is one of the largest lakes found in Virginia. You can do different activities like fishing, boating, camping, cooking and more. This is perfect for couples who love outdoors.

Other Notable Places for Couples in Virginia

If you love music and performing arts, it is a good idea to drop by the Wolf trap, a national park dedicated to arts and music. Although this is one of the busiest places in Virginia, the attraction is so romantic. Don’t forget the sunny Virginia beach where you can enjoy water sports.

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