Places to Eat in Jamaica

Dining out in Jamaica

Dining out in Jamaica is so much fun. There are a lot of restaurants that you might want to try. The dishes range from different cuisines from various countries. You can also find one that can fit your budget. While you are in Jamaica, don’t forget to taste their local dishes.

Situated right in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, this island is a unique one among all the islands in the region. It boasts off sun rays, white sand and world class resort life compared to its other neighboring places. Other thing that sets it apart includes history and culture. Visitors of the place will appreciate the whole trip especially when they embrace its unique character and African like population. Aside from its culture, there are lots of things that can satisfy any curious travelers. This is the home of world class reefs for diving. There also hiking tours, fishing activities, pristine waterfalls, sunsets and cosmopolitan cities that would make your trip a distinct one. Aside from its beaches and diving spots, there are restaurants that offer local cuisines that can satisfy hungry stomachs.

Cafe Aubergine

Diners are coming from different spots of the world just to taste the food that is being served in Cafe Aubergine. It is a restaurant that is elegantly set in a building with plantation style. The food is can be characterized as a fusion of Jamaican and European food. The menu includes seafood dishes like conch or grilled prawns cooked in their special sauce.

Little Ochie

This place is where you can find the best seafood in the south coast. All meals have Jamaican twist to it. The appetizers include spicy Fish Tea. You can actually follow this with fish, crabs and other seafood delight. The food is served in a uniquely shaped plate to add to presentation

Norma’s on the Terrace

The restaurant is run by Norma Shirley which is considered one of the best-known chefs in Jamaican region. This place produces brand new variations of dishes that are traditional. The menu being served is depending on the seasons. There is variety of meals from seafood and meat dishes.

Dickie’s Best Kept Secret

This is an unusual dining experience in Jamaica. It is known to produce delicious five course mea. This should be ordered in advance. This is especially if you choose meals with fish. The restaurant is situated in the edge of the town.
Faith’s Pen

It is a place with food stalls and each a nice grill in front. As you approach the restaurant, you will be greeted with the good smell of jerk. This is the national dish of the country. There is a spicy mixture that is combined in chicken or pork. This place also serves juice or beer.

Red Bones Blues Cafe

This place is a combination of bar and restaurant. People are drawn to the live music during weekends. The cafe is filled with various activities like reading poems, presenting films and other exciting events. The food is Caribbean in style that features fish and chicken.

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