Romantic Places in Michigan

Honeymoon Places in Michigan

There are so many different places to visit in Michigan and there is always something that suits taste and lifestyle. Whether you think romance, it center on beauty that is natural or even manmade attractions. This can be provided by Michigan. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway for any kind of occasion whether honeymoon or anniversary you need to check some attractions for couples.

Michigan is a state blessed with nature that is unspoiled. It is known for its freshwater coastline that is longest one, kilometers of orchards, sunrises and sets, skies that are deepest blue and nighttime filled with stars. For couples who want to have a romantic getaway, Michigan is the place to be. There are attractions that range from white sand beaches, cliffs, lakes, lighthouses, museums, shipwrecks for diving and historic grounds. There are quite a number of places for recreation like huge parks, camping grounds and wildlife habitat. The weather in Michigan is perfect place where you can relax. The rivers are also perfect for activities related to water. Its geographical setting is perfect for hiking, biking and winter sports.

Holland Michigan

Found in the west side, this little Dutch town is filled with shops, art galleries and festivals. In May, they hold a tulip time event. Couples who love the outdoors would have fun biking and walking trails for hours. A good date is a walk along Lake Michigan. Another option is dining in at restaurant in the lake. Near this village is a town with artistic side is located in Sagatuck and Douglas. This retreat situated in the lake is where you can find numerous shops selling different merchandise. You can buy an artwork for your loved one. With this, you can always remember your romantic trip in west coast of Michigan.

Mackinac Island

This place is one of the most romantic one found in Michigan. Literally there are no cars in this area. All you can see are bike paths that lead to the grand hotel. It has the longest porch of about 660 feet. The hotel is very traditional if you want to experience a formal dining. An option for couples is take a carriage ride around the area. They can also enjoy golfing, biking, hiking and more.

Wilderness State Park

This is another must see location but recommended for couples who have been together for a long time. Enjoy each other’s company in the atmosphere with rustic setting. Some cabins are situated in the woods or beachfront. Remember that this place is only for adventurous couples. There is no electricity and other modern convenience so nothing can distract you from each other. Take a stroll on the beach or woods. Visit the local shops or dine in on some of their restaurants. Set a bonfire while eating under the stars.


This is a unique destination outside the state. A German town with great architecture and restaurants, it is perfect spot for a romantic getaway. Walk the streets or sit by the river for picnic. Enjoy a romantic carriage ride together.

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