What to See in Suffolk

What to do in Suffolk

For tourists who want to visit a place that exudes countryside beauty, the best destination may be Suffolk which is a county in East Anglia, England. Aside of its picturesque landscape and relaxed-ambiance, this county has beautiful beaches, medieval buildings, ancient villages, gardens and parks, and breathtaking coastline.

Suffolk is located in East Anglia, England and has been attracting tourists with its ancient architectures, breathtaking beaches, warm countryside tradition, and the overall natural beauty of the place.

Traveler’s Guide

Suffolk consists of small close-knit villages that give this place a relaxed ambience.

One of the main reasons why Suffolk is popular among tourists, aside from its beautiful countryside, is its close proximity to London—about two-hour drive by car, bus, and train.

Meanwhile, this is a list of some of the most popular attractions in this beautiful county:


Considered to be one of the most picturesque towns in Suffolk, Lavenham has been attracting the interest of tourists with its beautiful houses with black thatch and pink walls. In addition, this village has over 300 medieval buildings which have been well-preserved and are highlighted by the breathtaking landscape.

Mediaval remnants

Because Suffolk is one of the oldest counties in England, there are several medieval markets which are still operating up to this day. One of this is the Bury St. Edmunds which still runs today, with store owners selling local produce. However, this medieval market is more known for the ruined monastery and the 16th century cathedral of S. Edmundsbury.

Another ancient market is the Newmarket which has preserved its regal ambience that started when Charles II has built his palace near this area. Today, this market has been transformed into a horse racing course which is attracting large crowds.

Meanwhile, for tourists who want to see another medieval remnant should also visit Orford Castle which is a fortress built around 12th century.


Named as the “Garden Resort of the East Coast”, Felixstowe has been attracting visitors with its picturesque seafront gardens. And because of its captivating beauty, this place has been recognized by the English Heritage Register as a “national treasure”.


John Russell Gallery

For art lovers, one of the best places to visit is John Russell Gallery which showcases masterpieces from East Anglian artists who are obviously inspired by the breathtaking landscape of Suffolk because most of their works show the beauty of this English county.

Sunrise Coast

This place includes Norfolk Broads National Park, several market towns, and beaches including Southwold and Lowestoft, which are two popular destinations for tourists.

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