Honeymoon Places in USA

Top Romantic Places in USA

USA is not just a country where you can find bountiful milk and honey; it is also a land where you can several wonderful destinations. If you are planning your honeymoon, there are quite a number of honeymoon places in the USA. These places can surely make your special moments memorable for lifetime.

Every couples dream is to visit a European destination or take trip to the Caribbean after their weddings. Actually there is no need to go far away because there are a number of romantic getaways that can easily be accessed without having to spend too much. Here are some places and spot that you should go for honeymoon.

Niagara Falls

This has every element for perfect honeymoon. There is no need to ask for more. There are thousands of couples visiting this place every year. The view of the falls is known for its aphrodisiac effect. There are number of quality hotels around the area.


This is near some top cities of South Carolina like Savannah and Charleston. Beaufort is a town that is near the coastline. There are quite a number of Bed & Breakfast and guesthouses with nice veranda. If you both love the outdoors, you can hike or kayak. There are also dozen of festivities celebrated in this city.

Cape Cod

If you love to relax, then your ticket should spell cape cod. This is a place where you can enjoy walking in the harbor, boating and biking. There are quite a number of accommodations that offer honeymoon package in the area.

Grand Canyon

This picturesque landmark is not part of World wonders for no reason. You can tour the canyon in several ways. It is so fun to enjoy camping in the base of the canyon while admiring its beauty in the horizon.


For couples who love to ski then aspen is the place to be. This place is filled with romance. There are different activities as well like snowmobiles, dog sled, and snow shoes. There also other activities such as spa and cuddling beside the fireplace.

Florida Keys

For those people who love to have a Caribbean like vacation, then florida key’ natural beauty is the best choice. The place has a character and laid back atmosphere. You can snorkel or do some swimming with the dolphins. You can also see some marine habitat for different culture. You can even get married below the surface. This place offer honeymoon packages.

Lake Geneva

A lakeside city with mansions in every corner is the best choice for honeymoon. Book a Victorian style bed and breakfast that is next to the lake. You can also have the opportunity to ride hot air balloon while seeing the sunset.

San Francisco

This place is so romantic. It is one of the best places where you can spend your honeymoon. It is a combination of climate, panoramic views and natural beauty that makes it a great choice.

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