Places to see in Dorset

Different Attractions of Dorset

There are many reasons to love Dorset. One of which is its geographical setting where you can find mountains and coastline. Its natural beauty has attracted a lot of people that is they are attracted to Dorset. It is also known because of its reasonable climate. There are unexplored places to see in this region which why this county deserves your time.

Dorset is a beautiful county in England located in its south western part. The place is known for its large ridges of limestone. The most part of the land is grassland. The county of Dorset is also said to have the lowest birth rates in the region. The scenery of Dorset is breath-taking and awesome. This is the reason why most tourists visit it. It has got a great beauty for which people come from different parts of world to watch. It is also counted among the maritime counties of England. At the front of the Dorset is the English Channel which separates the country of England to the mainland.

The Dorset has warm summers and the temperature does not shoot up in the months of June and July as it does in nearby regions. Similarly, the winters are also mild and not too much cold though the county is near to the English Channel. The coast of the Dorset County is award winning and deserves a must-watch scenario. Traveling to the Chesil bank gives you a really nice scenario. One must visit the county of Dorset if he/she visits England or any of its nearby regions.

Dorset is an internationally famous place to which people from different parts of world arrive to enjoy their holidays. Due to very reasonable and mild climate, people can enjoy the weather with their families and never need to worry about their residential matters. In Dorset, you can easily find some cheap rentals which can allow you to enjoy your holidays in a beautiful way.

The topography of Dorset is a little bit varied. As an example, it is low land from the eastern part. The Chase was a forest in Dorset which was also famous for smuggling. Deer poaching was also very common in earlier times in this county. If someone is detected doing some deer poaching, he can be sentenced to death. You can still see these animals in group while in the edge of the county. They mostly graze and it is also something which deserves seeing in the Dorset.

The bigger part of the county of Dorset is comprised of natural beauty which is very less seen in today’s modern and technologically advanced world. Sleepy villages, beautiful beaches and awesome weather define the county of Dorset. It is a place which really needs to be visited several thousand times. Though the county is comparatively smaller in size, but it still contains some mind blowing spots.

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