Places to Visit in Hampshire

Different Attractions found in Hampshire

There are different places to visit in Hampshire. This is a place where you can discover great history of the past. There are notable different attractions found in Hampshire that is perfect for family. It has a touch of everything for different age. You will be amazed with some historic landmarks found in the county.

If you want to find an exciting county with a rich past, then Hampshire is a good destination that you can visit. This is just 50 miles from London and other notable counties surrounding it like Dorset, Berkshire, Sussex and Surrey. It was known that this place has a rich maritime history. This is actually where England set out its rules of the seas. Up to date, you can still find remnants of historical defenses like Mary Rose and Bucklers Hard. A notable place in the area is the New Forest. This is the reason why tourists visit this county. The forest pretty much embodies how ancient communities live in the wood. This is the home of wild animals. If you are in Hampshire, don’t forget to visit Winchester. The whole area is filled with history with historic houses, castles and monuments. This is also a few minutes away from IIsle of Wight where a lot of people go for the holidays. The best assets of this place are its coastline where you can stroll and watch the yachts.

Hinton Ampner Garden is where you can find scented plants and scrubs. Its vistas and countryside is very interesting. You can also find paintings in different pastel shades. It also displays Ralph Dutton's fine selection of Italian paintings and Regency furniture.

Do you love Jane Austen? If you do then visit her pleasant seventeenth century house sitting in the village of chawton. It holds a museum where you can find collections related to Jane and her family. You can also find the table where Jane has written her famous novels. There is also a bookcase where you can find the first edition of Jane’s novels. St. Nicholas church is a 13 century structure in the area. There are many architectural treasure found in the church. This is where the knight family lived for 400 years.

Staunton Country Park is a place where it offers a little bit something for the whole family. It contains Farm, follies and fabulous glasshouses. It is also filled with parkland, lakes and Victorian Coach Houses. You can actually get close to the animals with Oriental farm. It is filled with animal magic activities during its peak period. Its glass house also contains exotic plants.

The Goss & Crested China Museum is where you can find the largest display of china. These are the souvenirs that are over a hundred years old. You can find information about the history of Goss china and also some original memorabilia.

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