Places to see in Berkshire

Must See Attraction in Berkshire

Berkshire is a sought after county in England. This is where you will find different attractions like Buckleberry Farm Park, Lego Land and Winsor castle. There are also castles and churches found in this county. You can definitely take your children with you because the attractions are suitable for them.

Berkshire is one of the counties found in Southern England. It is surrounded by Thames River and sometimes called Thames Valley. There are other counties that landlocked Berkshire includes Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Surrey and Wiltshire. The whole area is dotted with castles and churches where Norman architectural periods reign. When you are in Berkshire, there are actually attractions that you shouldn’t fail to miss.

  • The first thing to after arriving in Berkshire is to visit the Buckleberry Farm Park. This is a place where you can watch deer in their habitat. You can ride a tractor to get close to where the herds of deer are staying. This is where you can feed and touch them. Aside from deer, there are other animals that you can feed like pigs, donkeys and other animals. You can find large areas where you can play indoor and outdoor games. Take a hike on the trails and rest in the picnic areas scattered around. This is a great place where family can bond anytime of the year.
  • The Lego land is a place to go if you have kids with you. This is where you can find the Land of the Vikings that is considered biggest and wildest ride in this park. The idea of the ride is like joining a Viking fleet that set sail in waters encountering turbulent rapids. The kids will love the mythical sea monsters while in the raging water. You can also unravel the mystery of Loki's Labyrinth. There over 50 rides and attractions for the whole family. There are also live shows and performances in its grounds.
  • Winsor castle is one of the seven wonders found in Great Britain. This one of the main residence of Her Majesty The Queen. It was built more than 900 years. Up to date the castle is still occupied considering it as the largest inhabited castle in the world. Its surrounding town can see its towers and old battlements. At the night, you can see its spectacular skylines. Visitors can actually walk to the rooms of the castle. The state rooms are one of the best areas inside the castle where it is filled with treasures from Royal Collections. Painting of Holbein, Rueben, Van Dyck and Lawrence are hung in the wall. There are also fine tapestries and porcelain, sculpture and armour in the area. You can also find other attractions within the castle like Drawings Gallery, Queen Mary's Doll House and the 14th Century St. George's Chapel.
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