Places to go in Milton Keynes

Top Attractions in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes is a new town in Buckinghamshire where you can do different activities. You will find numerous attractions that can surely fill your itinerary. If you are looking for entertaining vacation, Milton Keynes is the best destination. Even if you are traveling with kids, there are places to go suitable for them. This cosmopolitan city is definitely the place to be.

Situated in the east of England, there are different activities in Milton Keynes. This is a city where the most exciting activities can be done. If you love shopping, this is where you can find the largest shopping mall in the whole country. You need several hours to explore the town center because the area is filled with shops and farmer’s market. For those who love doing outdoor activities, you can do skiing, sky diving, wake boarding, cycling and more. The people of this place really love their environment. This is the reason why thousands of acres are considered a nature reserve. There are also miles and miles of bike and walking trails. There are also galleries, museums, churches and other important structure that can tell the story of the city. This is the reason why the place is considered as an historical center. There are also different types of restaurants that can fill your appetite.

Bletchley Park

This is a historical site that pays tribute to people who fought during war. The site is converted into a museum so that people can learn about everything that took place during these times. This houses the collection of war souvenirs and other items throughout the years. The ticket is quite expensive but it can grant you multiple entry throughout the year.

Bucks Goat Centre

This is a place where you can find hundreds of goats and other farm animals. Your kids will surely love the fact that you can feed and cuddle the animals. There are different attractions inside the place like play farm, plant nursery and picnic areas. There is also a cafe inside


For those people who love watersports, this place is where you can take part of activities all year round. You can also apply for training courses in canoeing, sailing and wind surfing. There is also a center where you can rent boats and other equipment. This is a place where different fishing events where held.

Concrete Cows

This is a place where thousands of cows are being shelter. Constructed during the 70s, they use scrap materials in building this place.


Visiting Milton Keynes is not complete without visiting this entertainment destination. Inside the dome is where you can find ski slopes, rock climbing facilities, cinemas, bowling alley, fitness centers, restaurants and retail outlets. This is also where you can find the largest casino in UK. After touring the whole city, you can watch a movie or eat a good meal in one of their restaurants.

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