Places to Stay in Wiltshire

Best Places to Stay in Wiltshire

Stay your best in Wiltshire and see the difference of the place. It is a big thing that you can truly be proud of as you go with many people from different places in the city. Cross your arms, touch lives and spend your vacation in these hotels in Wiltshire.

This landlocked town of Wiltshire is found in the un spoilt area of England. If you are a first time visitor of the place, you can feel the hospitality of the locals. Walking through its streets would truly take you down through the history of the city. There are many unique attractions in Wiltshire that would fill up your itinerary. One is the city of Salisbury where you can see the ever famous Stonehenge. Visiting Wiltshire is not complete, if you don’t get the chance to stay in the countless accommodations the city has to offer. Check out some of its notable hotels and inns.

Meure White Hart

Meure White is a great accommodation that you shouldn’t miss while you are in the city. By staying in this hotel, you can feel the splendor of the city combined with unique artwork. The staff of White is ready to serve you anytime. You will surely extend your time in the place. Accommodations in White have been one of the superb vantage points to many tourists who have spent their time in Wiltshire. You can also utilize their amenities like restaurant and indoor pool.

Marriot Hotel

The best suites of Marriot are already in the city. You can have a great time in Marriot while watching the picturesque sea and the splendor of the remarkable natural surroundings. In fact,
Marriot has cared to deliver the best to many tourists as they have done in big cities like France and New York. You will surely have a great day ahead after staying in their world class suites.

Whatley Manor

The Manor is situated just beside the river. You can actually see the grandeur of the place right at your window. It is also overlooking the busy streets of Wiltshire. With absolutely great accommodations and amenities in the Manor, there is no reason why you should not stay in there. Spend a day or two in this accommodation while you are in the city.

The Rectory Hotel

This hotel is furnished elegantly and situated in the Cotswold garden. It is ideal base if you want to explore the whole county. You can choose among the 12 bedrooms that are designed individually with handmade mattresses, showers, and bathrobes. The rooms have the beautiful view of Victorian gardens.


Old belle hotel

This place is near some of top Wiltshire attractions. The in house restaurant is where you can taste unique and exciting dishes that will surely add to your memorable experience in this county.

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