Places to Visit in Stuttgart

Top Attractions in Stuttgart

Stuttgart is probably one of the best cities in Germany. It is famous for its automotive industry. The place is very friendly to visitors who are not fluent in speaking their language. It is so nice to visit Stuttgart. This is mainly due to their numerous attractions that are truly worth visiting.

Stuttgart is one of the few cities in Germany that offers relaxing atmosphere. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains and meadows. The locals of Stuttgart pride themselves with the care for the environment. The city is known for its opera, musical concerts, spas, and vineyards. The place also has thousands of vineyards making it one of the largest producers of wine in the world. If you are traveling with the family there are numerous attractions that this place has to offer from museums, art galleries and boutiques. Whatever places of interest that you are looking for, you can find it in Stuttgart. There are also spas around Stuttgart. There are various museums in the city like the Porsche and Mercedes museums. There are also Opera House and Concert house. This is truly a place where you can spend time walking to admire architecture. There are number of attractions in Stuttgart that can truly fill your itinerary. The attractions in the place can surely satisfy any tourists who wish to have a good time. Here are some of the notable ones that you must see.

Bad Cannstatt

This lies is an old district of Stuttgart. This is a place where you can see mineral springs and restaurant. The place is also where you can find a memorial museum. This place is where the annual Spring and Folk Festival are celebrated. This is a place where you can find a sport facility called the large Neckar Stadium.


This is considered a military attraction. The place is very scenic. It is a hill built up after Second World War from the destroyed buildings during this period.


This is palace beside some attractions like Neckar in Berg and Bad Cannstatt. It has an upper garden that is opposite the Wagenburg Tunnel. There is also the Landespavillon and the Planetarium. This place is with lakes and sculptures.

The Planetarium

This is an astronomical observatory that is a home of Zeiss VI-A. This was created in the 70’s. The planetarium measures about 20 meters.


This place is a cultural center place located in Eberhardstrasse. This is a cultural center where you can find theater and exhibitions.

German Agricultural Museum

This is a museum that showcases the agricultural industry of Stuttgart. They also hold other special exhibitions.


This is a railroad station with an underground shopping center. There are also several hotels in the area. You can also find in this place an old post office headquarters.

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