Places to Eat in Berkshire

Berkshire’s Top Restaurants

Berkshire’s top attractions include Eton Castle, Windsor Castle among others. It is adjacent to London and other notable counties in England. There are quite a number of historic houses and picturesque villages. This place is also home to restaurants that offer different cuisines that can surely satisfy anyone’s taste buds.

Eating out in the beautiful town of Berkshire is truly a memorable experience. You can find good range of dining establishments ranging from restaurants and cafes. Windsor and Eton are two of its historic towns that are filled continental restaurants and quaint cafes. Berkshire is truly filled with every cuisine that comes into mind like French, Asian among others. Geographically, Berkshire is found in the countryside that is near the river. So varies restaurants can provide the picturesque backdrop in their window. The small village of Bray is worth mentioning because it is a haven for those who love to eat. You can be assured that all restaurants are using quality produce. There are villages in Berkshire that holds market and sell fresh meat, vegetables and fish. Local and tourist will surely love every restaurant found in Berkshire.

Black Boys Inn

This restaurant is one of the top in the whole of Berkshire. They specialize in French cuisine and women are their leading chefs. Their dishes are described to be simple and yet delicious. You can be assured that all the dishes are prepared with happy heart and passion. To deal with the level of demand from their guests in terms of cooking, they buy the finest ingredients. You will surely love their cheese collection and puddings. There are over 40 wine bottles available in their list.


This world class restaurant is found in The Forbury Hotel. The restaurant gives off a relaxed ambiance because of the its exterior. It is a good idea to celebrate special occasion in this place. The best seller includes their lobster, goat cheese ravioli, and shrimps. After dinner, you can enjoy their cocktails.

The Crab

This is a very unique themed restaurant in Berkshire. You can see it in their décor. Although it is far away from the coast, you will definitely taste fresh catch of the day. Aside from their seafood collection, there are also meat dishes that composed veal and lamb. You will also love their wine list and dessert bar.

The Fat Duck

This is a famous restaurant all over Britain. The kitchen is lead by Heston Blumenthal. His outstanding creations include snail porridge, sardine over ice cream and quail jelly. You can choose ala carte menu or 14 course theme that can surely fill your senses. The place is decorated with earthy oak.

Green oak

This will surely give an experience of dinning pub set in the Oakley green. The place is a mix of contemporary and traditional. They change their menu twice a week.

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