Places to Eat in Sunderland

Top Sunderland’s Restaurants

Sunderland is filled with people who know how to eat and enjoy a good meal. It is a place where there is always something new in its line of restaurants and bars. There is truly no shortage of contemporary and traditional places to eat for visitors who wish to taste something new.

Sunderland is a combination of modern and busy situated in a beautiful coastal view. Visiting this place would give you a new attitude towards life. The locals really take care of their environment. The city is improving and viable to a lot of tourists. It is set beside coastline and countryside. Added to these are Sunderland’s historical and cultural attractions. This place has all the things that you need for the most sought after vacation. If you are looking for a place to relax and invigorates, this place is the perfect destination. You will truly love the different cuisines that it offers. Here are some of its finest restaurants.

Luciano's Restaurant

This place has been popular for over 16 years now. It has been serving Italian cuisine for locals and visitors alike. Luciano’s is also well known for its comfortable and friendly atmosphere. The traditional dishes being served in the place makes it renowned in the north eastern region.

Angelo’s Ristorante

This modern restaurant is situated in one of the historic building in Sunderland. Their specialty is contemporary Italian cuisine. You will also love some of selected international cuisine that they serve. The atmosphere is very warm and friendly.

Eauzone Cafe Bar

This café overlooks the Sunniside Gardens. The place is found in the Sunniside quarter that has rich history. They serve wide variety of meals that are freshly cooked and served. The price is very competitive and for this reason it can fit anyone’s budget. During Fridays, you can hear live music from local bands. There are party rooms that can hold up to one hundred guests.

Thai China

For those people who love oriental food, Thai china is a place to visit. The food being served in this place is authentic. This restaurant is situated inside the Rocker Hotel. If you are not really fond of Thai dishes then this place offers Chinese meals as well.

Tavistock Italia

This Italian restaurant combines delicious dishes and drinks set in an elegantly designed interior. This makes this place a very irresistible restaurant.

Santa Maria Restaurant

This is a very attractive because of its modern decors. Their menu is very intense ranging from seafood, vegetarian, and meat dishes.


This place is ideal for family dinners or romantic evenings. They serve authentic Italian dishes. You can also hold corporate meetings or weddings in this restaurant.

Throwingstones Restaurant

This is a British styled restaurant situated in National Glass center. They serve quality food and people with special diet.

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