Places to Visit in Wiltshire

Areas to See in Wiltshire

If you are visiting the south west of England, the Wiltshire county is one of the places to see. It is the home of attractions related to culture. Other related spots include the town and its countryside.

Certainly people from all over the world would love this place as this is one of a kind.

Wiltshire is a beautiful place located in the south west of England. It is a ceremonial county which is landlocked. The neighboring counties of Wiltshire include Dorset, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, and Somerset. Warminster is a beautiful small town located in the center of Wiltshire. It is often called as the home of cultural attractions and beautiful spots. It is also a center for tourists and travelers from all around the world. The town is located near the country side. Wylye valley is the base of the town which adds numerous beauty and attraction to the town and its neighboring areas. The title is said to describe the town and the locality as very well.

The Valley:

They valley is also said to contain a number of villages which are few of the beautiful natural spots in the world. With truly fresh and cold breezes one can truly feel himself or herself in the heaven. The hilly fauna of the location attracts people from almost every corner of the world. The neighboring towns of the valley are also really nice and worth visiting. According to visitors and travelers, an approximate area of thirty miles contains some really beautiful nature and awesome places – which requires hours to stare. Majority of these villages and neighbors are totally free. You are not restricted to visit these places. You can simply enjoy at your most in these places.


Lacock is just another village in Wiltshire out of the thousands of villages. It is at a distance of 5 kilometer from the neighborhood of Chippenham. The village is owned and operated by the National Trust and all the finances are also overlooked and supplied by it. It is a really lovely and nice town with a total population of only 190 people. You can probably meet every person if you stay in the town for not more than a week. There are a number of beautiful and attractive spots in the area. Though that all is very simple and tidy, but the nature’s beauty attracts you here with a little great magnetization.

Other places:

Whenever you visit Wiltshire, few places that you must visit at every cost include Avon, Crofton Pumping Station, East Grafton Fifield, Fifield Bavant, Imber, Lake, Lyneham, Littleworth, Purton and much more. Though it appears strange having so many localities and neighborhoods in such a small area, they all require a lot of time to visit completely and even give time to enjoy the nature’s beauty.

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